Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by punkyworld, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. 35 more days til I get off of probation.. hope everyone missed me.. :)
  2. yayy!!!

    weeeeed baaaaag!

    smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke!!
  3. biiiiig bluuuuuuunt tooo......
  4. she looks lonely doesn't she?

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  5. I like that bong. does it filter with water on both chambers? even if not, I'm sure it's great for ice.
  6. only the bottom chamber holds H20.. and the top chamber is great for ice, it cools the smoke real well.. I just wish that there were only 2 tubes and they were bigger.. if you suck too hard on the purple marrauder, you'll have a mouth full of water which isn't cool..
  7. damn! that bong is fuckin cool. when was the last time you smoked?
  8. hey punky :) good to see you. you're in the homestrectch now! you can doooo it! and then smoke big fat bowls :D
  9. 6 months till im off probation ~~ woo
  10. wow bro! I missed yer mischief!!!! now I am ready to see ya cheifin once again!

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