35 years and still going strong

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    Hey: I'm Dianne.

    I have been a heavy smoker since the 70's. Some things never change. Never had this much choice back then. Love a good Indica. Would love to talk to some like minded people
  2. Welcome to GC Dianne :wave::smoke:

    Been Blazin' since '69 myself so I feel ya;):D:smoke:
  3. Thank you!! I sure do appreciate a real old timer (pardon the expression). Does it ever get old??? Do you have any all time favorites? Do your friends share your interest? Would love to know more...
  4. Welcome to the forum. :smoking:

    31 years here. No, it's never gotten old for me. Once I started growing my own the world just kind of opened up, smoking wise.

    Too many strains to rate, the white strains have to be near the top of the list though.

    Remember way back when, you would buy a dime bag for 10 bucks and get a quarter ounce of Panama Red or Columbian Gold? Ahh....Those were the days. :laughing:
  5. Never has got old for me, been the one love that never cheats,lol.
    Besides recreational use, the Med properties have been a wonder. I suffer chronic pain, and the amount of hard narcotics the "regular" Docs want me to take would have destroyed my organs long ago.

    All time favs would include:

    Alaskan ThunderFuck
    Panama Red
    Any Kush
    Any Diesel
    Any Purple

    LOL, guess I'm not that picky as I could name a bunch more:D

    Most of my close friends Blaze. I grow and Blaze with my two sons, a family tradition of sorts;):smoke:
  6. Great stuff!!! Quite a few I have never had the pleasure of trying...what part of the world do you live in?? are the laws tolerant?

    I know so many questions. Don't worry if you aren't up to sharing thoughts. I hear you. Glad that it helps with some health issues...

    You are right that it is very loyal, like a dog maybe?? Never lets you down. Can really lift you up...
  7. I live in Northern Calif., very MedMJ friendly.

    MJ was decriminalized further in Calif. on the 1st., penalty is less than a traffic ticket:D:smoke:

    I'm leaving now to go trim some of the early harvest "BubbleBerry Crack" and "Purple Dot". PM me for any questions, I'll try to answer when I get back:smoke:
  8. Welcome to the city fellow Torontonian. I am only 18, but hey I too enjoy a good indica.

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