35 pounds found in gas tank

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  1. SANDY, Utah (AP) - A man who brought his newly bought car in to see why the gas gauge always read half full got quite a surprise: a stash of marijuana hidden inside.

    A mechanic in Sandy who took a look at the gas tank discovered about 35 pounds of pot, which Sandy police say is worth about $35,000. The packages of drugs were wrapped in plastic and could have been in the tank for several months.

    The Nissan Armada had several different owners and was once a rental car. Police are trying to figure out who stashed the drugs in the tank. Police say the current owner is not a suspect.

  2. As the owner of the car, I would demand every last gram of that shit to be given back,:p:rolleyes:
  3. That sucks if you're a smoker, because it was there all along but you can't get it back. I bet there was actually 50 pounds in the car but the mechanic just took a few and didn't report them.
  4. Nothing but shitty mexibrick anyways...especially after its been soaking in petrol for months..
  5. Thats why you sell it to kids and call it PCP *****!
  6. Goddamn it, why cant I ever be this lucky?? I would love to find 35 pounds of pot in my gas tank, i'de take all that shit out and go have me a smoke out with my bro's.
  7. I definatly wouldn't be smoking no gas tank weed. And how come everytime someone smuggles marijuana in amounts of pounds, people start saying "It's just some Mexican Brick"

    How do you think good pot gets to you? Unless the grower is in the area, it's going in a metaphorical gas tank(Bud imported from Canada?)

    We've all probably smoked gas tank weed. The difference is that If I knew it was in a gas tank, I wouldn't be smoking it.
  8. Ya but when you smoke dank isnt suppose to be fresh? If it was dank wouldnt it go bad after sitting in a gas tank for however long?
  9. Naw dog thats how we get that diesel.
  10. I'd imagine gas would make bud taste a bit sour..... Sour Diesel anyone? :hello:
  11. hahaha thanks for that. im soo blazed:smoke:
  12. Dude if I was that guy and I just realized that I had all that weed in my car and let the pigs get it first I would want to jump off a bridge:eek::eek::eek:
  13. The thing about this is my mechanic would've called me first.

    "Umm... Volcano. There's something you want to come check out. Head down here."

    I'd collect it and drive home, after giving them a few pounds of course.
  14. herd this on the radio :D
  15. Doesnt gasoline eat away at plastic?
  16. ... bahaha dude I would have checked that shit out myself and would have been like in heaven with 35 pounds.
  17. haha damn dude! i bet there was 40 pounds in there and the mechanic only reported 35!
  18. i wouldnt touch that nasty gas weed
  19. the bud was most likely still good, probably vacuum sealed.

    i would make so much fucking hash with 35 lbs

  20. lol@owner not being a suspect

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