35 maybe tonight

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by froggy, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. well it will get into the mid 30's tonight so thismorning i went out and did the BIG chop down.

    looks good...maybe about 1.5lb total of outside bud for the grow season, not too shabby.

    outdoor can be so taste also.
  2. Wheeew, 35, brrr. You must be in the land of the north.

    1.5lb of finished product? If so not too bad, good job.

    Lets see some photos of that finished product :)

    Myself I only ended up with a handfull of plants, about 15 ounces worth of white widow
  3. nice job froggy:) Good to chop em before it gets that cold out..
  4. nice job froggy! Waht was the plant count? Was this bagseed or quality genetics?
  5. no more posting picts.

    and there is a freeze warning tonight.

    4 plants total

    now im guessin on weight cuz its not dry...
    maybe 1.5 lbs is too generous, 1.2lbs more like it.

    mango x2 about 6 oz each but maybe that is a bit much.

    power plant x1 about 4oz. really didnt do as well as id like.

    Northern lights x1 about 6-7 oz. but the bud isnt as tight as id like it to be. im really not too happy with the NL that ive been growing and gonna drop that from the crowd.

    next year u ask?

    mango, white rhino, blueberry x bubblegum, blueberry x hashplant. :)
  6. fyi the mango really really does well in my part of the woods. nice color...beautiful smell and nice tight buds. i love the not too much but just enough buzz.

    its a winner for outside cooler areas.

    i dont sell it and grow inside also so i hope u know me cuz ur getting some for christmas :)
  7. What is the seedbank you got the NL from? Was it nirvana, I've heard there Nl isnt up to par latley. What region are you groing in? Im suprised the PP is finished so soon.
  8. nl was from nirvana.

    and i put out large plants to begin with. but i think ur right...pp wasnt as mature as it could have been.

    on thing that i do is shelter them to the morning light so that all my plants do finish in time. maybe not as big as they could be but they finish on time that way.

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