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35 for 4 grams iz that goodzz help???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flipflopflupdup, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. #1 flipflopflupdup, Oct 15, 2014
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    Hello i was just thinking and i was like damn $35 for 4 grams of some very fire cheese kush is pretty good huh?? Let me know what you think and what you get your eighths and up....
  2. #2 ThuggishReefer, Oct 15, 2014
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    You must be from the young town.

    Edit: although to not be off topic here 3.5 or eight , is 30 dollars but it's definetly not "very fire cheese kush" , lol. Got some Hawaii cross that is pretty nice.
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  3. What do you mean by that 👋👋
  4. Yes it's a good deal. Buy the bud

    Happy toking!

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  5. Yeah, 35 for an eighth of good shit is a great deal in my book.

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  6. Like very good or straight
  7. Dude it's just good. Anything under 45 for 3.5 is good.

    Happy toking!

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  8. Yeah some people still pay $60+ for 3.5gs.
  9. Lmao! Very fire cheese kush

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  10. You already got answers but it's an amazing deal if you can pay less than $40 for more than 3.5g you are winning the weed game! Make that man your dealer or your go to dispensary!
  11. Very fire cheese definition by flipflopflupdup: 15% THC
    Very fire cheese definition by OSS: 30% THC
    In Cali, you will get low mids for 35 an 8th.
  12. That's a shitty deal I get my Very Fire Cheese for $8/pound
  13. I get 8gs of girl scout cookies for 45 bucks, but I know him on a personal level. Deals basically depend on dealer/ place. I get 1g for 10 bucks normally.
  14. where i live its like 55 or 60 for 3.5
  15. 35 for an 8th of low mids isnt a good price if thats what point you were trying to make.
  16. Good deal bro it like 5 buck off bro around here 4 grams will go 40 bucks bro

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