35 days into flowering HELP ME PLEASE

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  1. ok so this is my grl umm i woke up and this is what she looked like leaves all dried up and crunchy my thoughts were that it had a Mag def or a MO def but what in the world could ever cause this shit :eek::mad::eek:

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  2. OMG. That hurts.

    This is just from overnite ???

    Check the soil really well. Maybe cutworms ???

    I have a feeling something has happened to the main stalk,
    that has interrupted the flow of water and nutes.

  3. No worms soil is good and moist still from her watering on the 5th the stalk is fine its got a good green color to its not soft or brittle to the squeeze and ya over night yesterday she was fine there was a little new growth that was still green but twisted a lil bit at the bottom nothing like this though and that was only yesterday
  4. one thing i jsut noticed is i have her in MG organic so that stuff ph is like 5.5 using my soil ph meter i tested the top it was a nice 6.5 but when i pushed it down further the ph droped to 5-5.5 ph could this be the issue because the water uptake has really slowed down past wk or two also i get a white and orangish yellow salt build up on my tray after i water i always figured it was just perlite and molasses and never thought twice about it ??

    thanks for the fast response but at what point would you guys just harvest it early so its not a complete loss ??????​
  5. I wanna say transplant - but Im not sure if she'll survive.
    Do u ???

  6. i am not thinking so the fact that all the leaves have been rendered useless for photosyn really have me scared to do that plus no idea how i would get her outta that bucket at 3 ft long

    DAMN sad to say but it seems to me harvesting her is the smartest move. What do you think??? also should a flush her out before harvesting or not try to get rid of some chemical taste?????

  7. one more question would you use peroxide in the flush water or leave it plain????
  8. Looks like you've got a lockout of your nutrients/water uptake.

    What pH are you having in your run-off?

    Are you mixing your nutes properly? For example; GH nutes: you have to mix the micros with water *prior* to adding any other nutes. Not doing so can cause a total lockout of ALL nutes.

    pH can also cause severe lockout and can happen within hours of watering. You watered on the 5th. What was the pH of the water you used after any nutes were added to it? Did you measure your run-off when you watered?

  9. the soil ph is 5.5 and my tap waters 7.5 so i put it in and get a 6.5 run off also i added them to water like it said but one thing diff i did was add superthrive in that same water before feeding
  10. Did you take a run-off pH after adding the superthrive on the 5th?

    The reason I'm asking is that two days is not long enough for a pest related problem inside to have the effect you've gotten. It looks more like a total lockout of nutrients and perhaps even a water lockout.

    To have that severe of lockout, it would necessitate a radical variation in pH *or* a lockout induced by improper mixing of nutrients.

    This is assuming that you had no pest infestations that were started already.
  11. this is my quik opinion but it reminds me of root rot/ over watering, idk for sho tho, peace hope shes gets better.
  12. Try and flush her a cuppla times.

    Also, Epsom Salts might help unlock the door...if its not too late.
    Its usually used in a Ca/Mg situ, but it has an uncanny ability
    to unlock other thingz in my experience.

    1/4 tsp per gal Ph'd water. ASAP !!!

    Keep lights on, but lower intensity if u can.

  13. i gave her a good flushing and unless its bad to take a gal of water put FF big bloom in the add tiger bloom, and then add superthrive i didnt mix them wrong and there are no pest problems the water up take has slowed down alot over the last week i was just asking about that 2 days ago

    could it be from me adding to high ph water to a low ph soil trying to balance it out????

    also once i mix my nutes i cant really test ph cuz i use the drops still and the waters already colored
  14. By your remark about the color of the water, I'll assume you're using a litmus test for pH. If that's true, you really need to buy a meter. Almost any aquarium store will have one.

    The run-off of the total mix of nutes is needed. By adding the superthrive, you may have altered the pH into the lockout range. No way to tell of that's the problem unless you measure the run-off of the total mix. That could have the effect you're seeing in as little as 12 hours.

    "could it be from me adding to high ph water to a low ph soil trying to balance it out?"

    No. The pH of the run-off is the true teller of what is happening.

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