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$35 an ounce for top shelf medical marijuana in Colorado

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Gardenmaster, May 14, 2010.

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  1. I just got this month's high times in the mail last night and was reading about some of the warehouse grows for medical marijuana. One of the growers stated that they supply for several dispensaries at such a cheap price that top quality medicine is never over $35 an ounce..... before everyone moves to Colorado just wanted to let you know that I am almost sure this should have said $35 / eight.

  2. You might be wrong. It costs about $10/ounce to grow. The dispensary buys it cheap then jacks the price way up. Almost all of them do. It's called proftiteering.
  3. Your from colorado!? U gotta card? go check that shit out! lol
  4. Top shelf isn't going to get sold for $35/Ounce (schwag might). That would mean a LB would be $560. That just isn't happening. LBs go for $3000'ish. I was just back in CO and picked up a few Os for $260.
  5. If it's direct from an HONEST grower anything over $200 is a ripoff.

    Trust me, a lot of dispensaries are jacking prices up up to 10 times what they pay. That's what happens when there isn't any real regulation.
  6. it might be possible. i know my friend who owns a dispensary in socal gets most of his for $2,000 a pound of his finest stuff(OG, bubba, headband, etc.) and his cheaper stuff for around 1,500
  7. well think about this, no matter how cheap the dispenseries buy it for they're still going to sell it around what street prices are because thats what people are willing to pay. they get a shit load of profit on prices that people were already paying or were going to illegally.
  8. Maybe they meant $35 an ounce to produce? Like once you factor in all of the costs such as labor, supplies, and power
  9. there is alwas the chance that what you read is correct.

    but im thinking they meant 8ths for sure.

    its the past month or 2 EVERY (decent) dispaensary has lowered there prices. most offer a 35$ 8th now, and most of those are pretty dank.

    my favorite dispensary, just capped there top shelf at 50 an 8th(how it should be!) and they also give you 4 grams an 8th now! : )
  10. With ALL due respect to you OSG, you've mentioned that it costs roughly $10/oz. to grow. Would it be that unreasonable for ANY grower to mark up at LEAST 100% profit on that, knowing what the average "street" (legal or otherwise) price is?

    That would mean dispensaries are buying for at least $20/oz., and they would be stupid to not mark up at least another 100% on top of that, again knowing what the average value is.

    That being said, I would think a MINIMUM cost for everyone to get a decent profit would be $40/oz.

    Mark everything up with a 200% profit margin, and we're talking dispensaries buying for $30/oz. and selling for at least $60/oz.

    Guess this just goes to show you how much markup is everywhere along the supply chain, given what we're paying everywhere. It also proves your point that anything over $200 is probably WAY overpriced.

    Then again, even the highest prices we've seen is NOTHING compared to the ass-raping Big Pharma is doing to everyone. That really makes me sick to think about their damn profits.
  11. That is my point, the markups are insane. Most legitimate businesses operate on margins of 3-20% depending on the nature of the business.
  12. I know a couple people in a couple different areas of California. All of them purchase from the grower and distribute to the dispensaries. That could factor into the price inflation.

  13. Thank you for being realistic. Jeez
  14. no dispensary in Co has any weed that cheap, you gotta find a personal caregiver, then you end up with a 2 oz sack for 100 bucks hahahaha
  15. What are you, an accountant? That doesn't look like an "about" dollar amount to me.

    Cripes, I'll bet your scales measure down to 1/1000th of a gram too, huh...:D
  16. my scale weighs to the fucking trillionth and i do all my electric bills to the billionth of a cent BITCH hahahahahahaha

  17. Agreed, and this is where most growers and dispensaries currently operate. There is a big difference between markup and profit margin. While they may mark up their products 100% that is so they can cover their expenses of retail space, employees, lawyers, security, advertising, etc. After expenses they are usually operating at a profit margin of 3-20%.

    If you are just looking at production cost vs. final retail cost look at bottled water with a mark up of 3,750%. Or what about restaurants that typically charge a 300% mark up on a bottle of wine for opening it for you? Bottom line it's all supply and demand, and right now everyone sees $$$ in medical marijuana causing the supply to go up and profits to go down.

  18. lol.... I actually operate 100% legal, so yes I do my own accounting. I own 2 other businesses as well. :D
  19. I've been going to this club in Sun Valley for quite some time (SV Care Givers). There prices have gone from $25 for a gram of their best, then it went to $20 almost a year later. Now they're selling the same cross strains for around 10-15 dollars a gram. And on Holidays (420, Xmas) they sell their top shelf for almost 5 a gram and hand out free J's, even though I'm sure the J's are just shake but who cares.

    Prices in the Valley (and L.A.) have been plummeting IMO.
  20. Ha Ha! The only grower on GC who charges per trich...:D:D:D
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