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$35 a gram????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dobad, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. My dealer offered me a gram some critical mass for $35. The price seems kind of high. Is it worth it?
  2. FUCK NO! never pay more then 10/g. my guy does 2.5/g and its mids. if its the best around i might go to 20 very tops
  3. Ya thats way to much 20 is tops for dank usually. Unless ur in a very tight area and can't do anybetter, u need to find a better hookup.
  4. fuck that.
    its not even that big of an uber dank strain,
    its a high yielder,
    tell him to stop fucking with you and to offer you a real price.
    thats absolutely outrageous.

    thats like $120 an eighth.
  5. That better be a heavy gram
  6. You're getting ripped off if you spend more than $10 imo.
  7. Those are my prices. No biggie.
  8. Price varies by area... but I can't picture any areas on this planet where that would be a good deal. :D

    Tell him to rename it something that costs less and then you'll buy some. ;)
  9. thanks for the advice dont thnk im gonna get it
  10. In my personal experience-- typical street value, $25 bucks/gram.
    Maybe try to shop around unless it's truly worth over paying for..
  11. around were i live your never gonna find dank for under 20/gram

  12. [​IMG]
  13. Yea, tell him that that price is ridiculous. He is probably trying to make some quick bucks on you, you might as well give him the money for 1 gram. Buy larger amounts, and take a small break if you need to save up some cash.

  14. :laughing:
  15. Never pay more than 20 a g of dank. Even 20 is a bit of a rip off but if you're in a bad area for weed or a dry place, prices will be like that. Dealers chraging 20 a g or over are stingy or its a dry spell.
  16. You live in Pittsburgh lol! There are better deals will get a good hookup eventually.
  17. Fuck that! Around here, if you're not hooked up pretty much all dank grams are $20, maybe $25 if it's some super dank med strain. The only thing I might be willing to pay $35/g for is some super dank hash.
  18. Holy fuck, that's a lot.

    All marijuana in Canada is 10/gram, I can't believe you guys pay 20/gram. I smoke upwards to 100 dollars a week worth of marijuana, I would be in dept if it was 20/gram shiit.
  19. The most I've had to pay is 25 and that's for some Hogs Breath which in my mind was well worth it because it definetly some bangin stuff and I was desperate. But 35 is just crazy man.
  20. Unless his meaning of a "gram" is the equivalent to around 1.5+ grams then I would.

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