35.4"x19.7"x63" Grow Tent [GYO1001]

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  1. hello,
    i was looking into buying this tent. it would fit my closet space perfectly. i called them and asked about off gassing. the lady said at temps above 160 degrees. ah ok. does anyone have any experience with these tents? it seems a little too affordable. hehe.
    also, the dimensions. \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t35.4"x19.7"x63". its been awhile since i took geometry. but isn't it suppose to LengthxWidthxHeight. the picture looks like 19.7x35.4x63. anyone agree. don't want to buy this and its wrong dimensions. thank you!
  2. i just got that exact one. it has a nice mylar inside, i didnt know about the off gassing, but I highly doubt temperatures will reach anything above 100 unless you have zero ventilation fans whatsoever. i wouldnt put anyththing above 400w in there. but its a nice size for up to 3, 5 gallon pots.
  3. thanks for the reply. just curious, is it 3 feet wide and 20 inches long? or 3 feet long and 20inches wide. just confused on the dimensions. thanks again
  4. What tent? I don't see any links or pics...
  5. 36" wide
    20" deep
    63" tall
    the only odd thing about it is the placement of the vents on the top left side how their both together, any pros got recommendations for how to vent this? What should I use the bottom vent for and what should I use the top 2 vents for?
  6. did anybody ever buy this tent? I was looking a it myself but the price seems to good to be true. so whats the verdict?
  7. I dont own this one but I do have the 96x48x76 and the 30x30x78 tents and they are excellent other than the 2 top vents in the upper left corner. They are a bit close together. I use the rear one to bring in power and the other to vent out the top. The bottom is intake and res tubes on mine.
  8. I bought a 4x4x7 from that same guy on ebay for $80 delivered. Im running a 400 HPS and everything is cool.

  9. thanks guys, looks like Im gonna go ahead and buy it then..:D
  10. How does the 400w perform in that space? That's the exact tent I'm thinking about going with and am deciding if I should go for a 400w or 600w light.
  11. Depending on the temp of the room youre putting the tent in and what kind of exhaust fan you have, i got my tent in a michigan basement and its like 60 degrees, i got one of those cheap inline duct booster fans for like 25 at home depot and a fan blowing right on the light and it stays right around 80. I plan on adding another 400 watt to the tent but if i do im gonna have to buy like a 6 inch vortex thats like 2 or 3 hundred. If you have good exhaust and temps dont get too high in your space go with the 600 switchable, if i had it to do over again id get a 600. That 400 HPS gets HOT for real.
  12. If you buy that 4x4x7 lay all the pieces out first cuz the directions are not right as far as labeling the poles and the guy selling them doesnt have a clue about shit. I put mine all together by myself by the instructions i was given and ended up having to take it all back apart and almost broke one of the zippers. Hope this saves you a headache, when i finallly figured out what the deal was and why the tent didnt fit over the frame and cussed that dude out at GYO and then he tried sayin it was my fault. Besides that it was cool.
  13. That is extremely good to know. Thanks for all the info.
  14. In a growroom your lights put off a lot of heat and heat naturally rises so you ALWAYS want your exhaust fan at the top of the room close to the ceiling. Your probably gonna want the fan to be pulling that hot air thru a carbon scrubber too. On the contrary cool air tends to stay low toward the bottom of the room close to the floor, so your intake vent should be down here. This way cool air is getting pulled in thru the negative pressure caused by your exhaust fan, then the ocilating fan that you should have somewhere in your tent will circulate all that new cool air, thus keeping your girls nice and happy!
    The second vent thats up top next to your exhaust would be good access for your power cords since its close to the lights anyway. But... you could also use this as a second exhaust vent if your thinkin about aircooling your lights, which might be a good idea in a small, enclosed area like that. You wouldn't need an additional fan either, you could use a Y fitting with your carbon filter on one side and the ducting for your lights on the other with one fan pulling air thru both sides....
    Can you dig it???? :cool:
  15. i, too, just bought the gyo1001. mine was 68$ out the door free ship.

    what's the answer to the no bottom vent problem?


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