34 days flowering, really droopy and yellowing

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    I'm 34 into flowering and two out of four plants are really droopy. Here are the specs:

    -4x Pure AK from Female Seeds
    -3'x3' indoor tent
    -2x 300w (140w at wall) led panels
    -Random cfls
    -Fox Farms Happy Frog with 20% perlite
    -Raw (name of brand) bloom nutes (quarter strength)
    -water ph 6.0-6.5
    - 42-52% relative humidity
    -no signs of bugs or black spots

    The two in the back are not showing these symptoms. Could these be farther along maturity wise? Is this normal? Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. In my experience most common yellowing is nite burn, but that's probably not it if your only using quarter strength. And droopy, first thing to check is they may be underwatered. Leaves will turn yellow in bloom but not till 6th week or so. It could be early, idk. Mine, started 7th week yesterday, and I pulled first few yellow leaves off last night.

    Are there any clawing going on with the yellowing and drooping?

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  3. Could be nitro burn. I had a similar problem in bloom, minus the yellowing... during Bloom, plants require less nitro.

    I would flush, with a salt mineral cleaner like gh florakleen, and water ph to 6.5. I did it twice, in a defeat period. My plant recovered and is doing better.

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  4. Just keep in mind, real soon leaves will start turning yellow, as the plant diverts the feed to the buds, instead of the leaves. They will become very easy to pull off...

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  5. Nice save how was the harvest? In dealing with a similar problem on my 1 plant forgot to water

    Smoke Weed Everyday :weed:
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  6. If you want to make the whole nutrient ordeal easier if suggest you read the book "teaming with microbes" or just watch YouTube videos of Dr.Elaine Ingham and Jeff Lowenthals on the soil food web and actively aerated compost teas. Toss your bottled nutrients out and grow great dope from stone (bread from stones is another great read, only thing that book is missing is the biology aspect). Also Paul stamets has some good information of fungi in regards to the health of the soil system.
  7. Burnt brown leaf tips are from ......NUTE burn

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