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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jhchawk, Feb 9, 2009.

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  2. + rep, if everyone followed this, the world would be a better place.
  3. another one

    STOP pressing your bowl with the end of your lighter... it just makes u look like a fool
  4. good guide for newbie smokers
  5. Number 15 is the most important. Courtesy is everything.
  6. i love this
    + rep
  7. whats wrong with saying you dont want a hit? i disagree with 14. sometimes when im really high and there are people that just came into rotation, ill just tell em to skip me out so everyone can get high.
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  9. exactly, most people who freak out on fucked up rotation and shit need to be decked in the face.

    like when im chillin with the homies and a fiend comes, the rotation isnt always set, so if he gets skipped and says shit ima fuck that foo up! Sorry, but that is a straight burn!
  10. Don't fuck with someone who doesn't want to be fucked with. It's just annoying. None of that pretending the police are at the door bullshit.
  11. Good guide.

    Now if we can only get people the read it and follow it!:hello::smoking:
  12. that police shit used to be FUNNY! nothing wakes me up like like getting spooked, then im motivated no matter what.
  13. here's one- : Dont go around bragging and saying how high you are.
    Its just stupid.
  14. dont keep asking people how your eyes look and if you looked high, i had a friend who kept asking, every day. "how do my eyes look, no for real, how do my eyes look? come on guys, how do my eyes look? i wont stop asking till you tell me, how do my eyes look?" one of the other friends bitch smacked him and told him to not come around any more. that guy was a fucking buzzkill.

  15. Yeah I wouldn't say my throat hurts but people are usually excited when someone else is done because that means they get more weed. I doubt anyone will be unhappy because of this.
  16. lol missed a huge one dont invite people to smoke other peoples weed
  17. well if for whatever reason i get high then end up having to do something that i would normally NEED to be sober and theres no mirror around ill ask my buds if my eyes are red. better to be safe then sorry
  18. im talking about asking over and over, the first time someone tells you should be enough. asking more than once is a buzzkill and deserves getting open chested.
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  20. If you're with new people, know your limits. don't be the the kid who gets so high he's completely obnoxious. It's embarrassing.

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