322 Watt 1.96sq ft. CFL Grow

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  1. Ok, here we go. The title basically says it all. Im goin with 4 plants lst'd and trimmed up high n tight, because I don't have a lot of room to work with. I have 14 23W 5000k bulbs which I will be running for the entire grow to see what to expect from a complete "full spectrum" CFL grow. I will probably also veg. a 5th plant to pull out as my mom. The seeds are being taken straight into 12/12 because I have to try to keep them under a foot and out of the lights. I was gonna go with 6 but I thought I could deal with 4 more efficiently when it comes to tying them out of the lights and things of that nature.
    I will start my seedlings in FF Light Warrior to sprout in Dixie cups with a couple drainage holes at the bottoms (they're the tiny little mouthwash cups). As soon as they pop im gonna take them 12/12 (besides the mom), and use the top 8 lights on them until they are big enough to start lowering down to start taking in the lower lights. After about a week I will transfer to the Solo cups with FFoF so I probably won't be using any nutrients at all during the grow. I plan to keep it much more organic next round I will say.
    The grow box looks like a spaceship! It takes me back to my childhood haha! I'm going to hang some crystals in there during the grow and let them set the mood :smoking:
    My plan is to grow 4 single colas. If I can keep them out of the lights things could get magical. I think the Solo cups will be good in that regard.
    It gets about 102f with the box shut so I'm going to throw a 4” inline fan on top and I think that will do it seeing as the box is less than 2 square feet with about 22” of growing space vertically. It's a small little guy!
    I haven't decided what strain I'm going to run yet and would love to hear what you have ran in this situation. Need to keep about 1ft tall, very trimmed up, and BONUS: Something that might not put off the dankest, nastiest, heavy stench that will blow the neighbors away haha, but I will be running a carbon filter also so I'm not too worried about it. Let me know what strain you would run here!
    I think that's about all she wrote. I hope to get my inline fan and seeds within the next couple of days so it won't be long. Let me know whatcha think!


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  2. Who's got somethin for me? Lol
  3. Pretty sure im gonna switch to 2700 for flower because fuck it, what do you think about several different strains??
  4. Thinkin maybe blue mystic

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