$320 million GONE into the ocean

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  1. It's just money. Who cares where it goes? Not Americans!
  2. We just have to make more money then, no biggie.
  3. If I had 320 million it would go up in smoke.

  4. lol no
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  5. That's cool dawg. I myself like lighting my joints and blunts with $100 bills. Benjamin Franklin would be proud.
  6. Oh you just watch, just watch. :devious:

  7. I guess we would have stopped flight at Kitty Hawk if the American tax payers money was involved.

    Edit: Seriously what do you want? We could all go back to using spears and chariots for war and travel alike. No testing invovled there....
  8. Why don't they just waterproof these things so we can re-use them?
  9. I hope you realize it was supposed to do that, because they have no way to get it down.

    Unless you'd rather them let it go slam into wherever, which could be an ocean...or a city.
  10. The test failed lol they lost the aircraft, lost the position of it after a while I believe. Saw this on reddit this morning :smoke:
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    that's not as bad as losing 8.7 Billion intended for Iraq....

    $8.7b Iraq development funds unaccounted for

    They seriously lost this money. Just put it on a jet, flew it to iraq, 100 dollar bills wrapped in plastic, gone! Poof, vanished! Hehe, they should make a movie out of it!
  12. What with overpopulation issues they should have just tanked it down randomly to see where it would land instead of planning to crash it in the ocean.
  13. in some countries like australia they use money made of some type of plastic so they arnt ruined by water and cant rip
  14. This is all smoke and mirrors. They WANT you to think its crashed into the ocean. Almost every ship they claim has crashed into the ocean is still operating in space. Smoke and mirrors friends.
  15. Lol they just gonna reprint that shit n call it a day

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