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32 pill trip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. well, i prolly won't be able to post once it kicks in, but i jus took 32 pills of coricidin and im gonna be realli fucked up
  2. from what ive read, you have a pretty high chance of dying tonight, or at the very least going to the hospital for bleeding, seizures, etc

    hate to bum you out, but dont you value your life enough to order some fucking dex online or something?
  3. Why? Smoke some pot and drink some beers you will be fine

  4. Yeah man, I'm curious.

    When I get paid I'm gonna buy some Robotussin.....
  5. last resort man, no weed, no beer, so i bought the pills and damn, i was very very f'cked up last night. sweeeet, and i still am now
  6. oh, and no, i don't tresure my life that much to buy sh't online. lemme tell ya a thing about antidepressants. if u don't fix your life in time, the sh't wears off and is useless and now im more depressed then i was before. i think imma take some dramamine tonight or more coricidin

  7. wow... 32 coricidins at once... most i've ever done was 16 and it felt like i was struggling to survive... after i puked i felt a lot better though :D

    ack... depression's no good. why wouldn't you treasure your own life? well... i shouldn't ask that... i know what it's like to be there. i finally had enough of feeling miserable all the time so i took control... hardest time of my life (got the scars to prove it, lol). anywayz, keep your head up. things do eventually get better. it takes time, and a lot of rearranging how you think about life, and things... i dunno. it's hard to explain. just don't end up in the ER from an overdose or something. just think how much everyone here would miss you :D
  8. youre a lucky bastard man.. but im gonna warn you right now that if you keep this kind of shit up the stats show that you WILL eventually run out of luck and end up dead or with some kind of serious health problem.. the antihistamine in coricidin has this habit of building up in your system, so every extra dose is one step closer to fucking yourself over (that point is different for everybody btw).. dxm will give you brain damage and turn you into an paranoid, antisocial asshole, and drams are just plain fucking bad for you if you do them enough, and actually cause depression

    if you hate your life so much either work to fix it (what i did, and now im happy) or just end it now.. because i hate to say it but permenant brain and organ damage probably isnt going to fix any of your problems better than antidepressants did.. worst of all, if things actually turn around someday it wont matter because youll be fucked anyways
  9. well it ain't like i do it often, this was only the second time in the past couple months
  10. well thats cool and all when youre talking about dram, but with 36 coricidins it doesnt really matter how infrequently you do it because of how the doses pile up.. get some powder if you really like dxm.. its cheaper, safer, and less ghetto-dude-buying-cold-medication-to-get-fucked-up ish..

    but hey, its your life
  11. you can extract it, it will stink up your fuckin room though, it did to mine.
  12. yeah i fucking hate that naptha/cough syrup smell.. makes me gag every time, and takes sooooo long to go away

    im going to evaporate outside or something next time
  13. ahh good old coriseden (skittels) and drammimine, my old high school friends.... i used to just sit in class and pop pills all day, good ol times
  14. Mon, what a bummer! Is't there enough Herb to smoke??? Shit, why do you guys do Pills instead of tokin Herb and sippin some wine??? What has the world come to when 'cold medicine' is any way to get high? Listen to the dude that's tellin you about the REAL dangers in doing those pills at all, much less 32 of them! I'm not gonna tell you that I ever did any pills back in the '60's but we didn't KNOW what we know now about pills and the long term affects... they are NO GOOD for your body. Please, join those of us that have made it through the 'suicide slide' part of our lives, still alive and not throwing handfulls of pills down our throats anymore.

    Like everyone else has said, "It's your life" but even though I don't "know" you , I do...I've made it though and you can too!
    Find some Herb and throw those pills in the trash,Mon;)
    Da"Be Natural"Captn

  15. lol, ah yes! highschool was killer! before homeroom attendance we'd drink a bottle of rob till 4th period lunch, go toke a lil, maybe even take a lil more dxm and by 6th period gym class and 7th period study hall, we'd be outta our heads! what fun it was! :) lol

  16. ..I agree with yea. I havent done them since highschool..I had fun then, but once I found that smoking is more than just getting fucked up..EVERYTHING started to open up and make sense to me...I took it for what it was and enjoyed it to that point! I guess everyone goes through something one time or another..
  17. i agree also... fuck pills ... too dangerous... bud is way better...
  18. of course, i'd go bud over pills any day, but i also go f'cked up over sober any minute, so when im out of bud or dry, i'll jus do that.
  19. you should move to Vancouver.. plenty of chronic here :smoking:
  20. Dude, are you stupid? Coricidin's are terrible, get a damn bottle of Robitussin or something, 32 pills are not good to eat. Besides, you mine as well just buy some coke, it'll be healthier.

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