32 days into flower. Seeking expert opinions

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  1. This is my latest grow. Things have been pretty ideal from day 1. No bugs, good temp humidity and light. I am almost to week 5.

    I use special lighting, the very best hand mixed nutrients a temp controlled tent and lots and lots of obsessive love. :)

    I personally think they should have bigger buds based on what I have done for them. What do you think???

    In pic 1 that highest cola has a great position for light. I think that whole stem should be packed after 5 weeks.

    Pic2 is the side farthest away from the main 1000w

    Pic 3 is in the sweet spot where 3 lights converge

    The stats

    5x10 tent
    2000 watts light
    25 gallon perlite/soil blend breathable air pots
    65-75 degree
    12/12 lighting 4 weeks 4 days
    Y GRiega (sativa) and Caramelo (purple 50/50)

    This is the fullest the tent has been. It is so full they grew over the hood. I now have a bare bulb burning in the tent. It seemed to me they couldnt breathe; too much plant material. I thinned out the lower and middle branches. Lillipopped off anything that didnt have a popcorn size or bigger. And I added a thermostatic 450cfm fan that comes on every 10-20 minutes when the tent gets to 75 degrees.

    I believe they need more light. I can add 250 watts easily of HPS super blue. I am wondering though if not to throw another 1000 watt HPS in there. Heat is not an issue for this grow. Its not like I need more, but the therm controlled vent will suck out any unnecessary heat....with a side benefit of additional air flow.

    2000 watts should be plenty. But there is a solid canopy the entire 10 foot span. It is dark in the corners without supplemental side lighting.

    So.....is there such a thing as too much light? 2000w is the textbook amount. It is the most I have ever run and get strong yields. Will 30% more light give me more yield?

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  2. Okay. expert to semi expert opinions? hahahaaha Newbies? anyone???

    A new 1000w is $250, I have an older magnetic 250w I vegged with available for free. The bulb is new too. Hmmm.

    I would especially like to hear from ppl who overstuff their rooms. I think ventilation was an issue, but not anymore. I would really like to get a killer yield and shut down for the summer. If spending $250 on a new light helps, I will fork up the $$$.

  3. you would get a better yield i think. you should probably put one upside down in the middle for undergrowth. scrog it first but dont clip the undergrowthr the whole plant will be big nugs instead of just the tops.
  4. I have (4) 90 watt spotlights for side and low branch lighting. I agree with you. I have gotten bigger yields lighting the under canopy.

    It is scrogged in a sense. I supercrop making a complete top canopy of green. It's not perfect, but fairly even across with tops. I used the 3 moms with the clones. Moms got too big, babes didnt quite catch up.

    The 250 can be angled in the bottom corner too. I just wish it was a 400 or 600. I am also using some LED's which I have gotten great results from. Not sure if I buy a 90w led = 400hps. But for electrical cost vs results, it boosts my yield for less $$$. So my true wattage for the room should be 2600 watt factoring in a reasonable efficiency boost from the leds. I have never done a side by side, but I know 90w led beats 90w of any other light.

    Anyone wanna lend me a 1000w for a month? :D
  5. If you want to see big buds at week five; pick up some C99 seeds from Attitude. Female seeds for pick and choose. They grow like crazy, and are honestly finished at weeks 7-8.
    Very hard to come by, and amazing. I'm drunk/high so I thought I would spread the love. Grab them before someone else does.
    (Currently at week 7 this Sunday and most trichs turning amber and she's pretty bulky)
  6. lol@drunk/high. rock on :)

    I've had C99 and its awesome. The strains I got SHOULD be superior to Cindy. I know, I know. Thats what evvvveryone says.

    Last summer I bought what I could find online: the best genetics Amsterdam had to offer...

    Y Griega
    Medical Seeds Y Griega - Price Guarantee - The Original Sensible Seed Co + Free Cannabis Seeds

    and Caramelo
    Caramelo (by Delicious Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info

    YG is 27%+ THC. Im having mine tested so I will post true results soon

    Caramelo is a super purple variety that is 22% THC. So far these buds are bigger than the YG. Sativas bulk up at the end so we shall see.
    This is what they are supposed to look like at the end. They turn late in flower so still waiting. no purple yet.

    The question is Is 3000 watts in a 5x10 insane or a good move?

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  7. You inspired me. I installed the 250 sideways and upside down. The whole undercanopy is now lit.

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