32 days flower w/pics!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cultivationist, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. yes it is only day 32 and no i dont use cfls

    -400w digital hps
    - fox farm ocean forest soil
    - 5 gallon pots
    - earth jusice bloom 100% organic goodness
    -Mandala Hashberry is the strain
    - and i promised pics enjoy:wave:
  2. what pics :(
  3. took so long to upload 8 at once so ill try again
    i need to resize how the hell am i gonna do that
  4. ok here we go hopefully

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  5. heres a few more man they look so good before i resized now they look like shit

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  6. Hey, I could not get the pics to open, my end or yours??
  7. I was able to open them if that helps :)

    Nice plants cultivationist they're looking really good.
    Gonne be checking back when u get new pics lol.
    do u have a grow journal?
  8. yeah i had to resize them and then upload em
    so there they are enjoy
    i cant wait just squezing what nugs are there gets my finger wet with resin
  9. HOLY SHIT BRO, :yummy::yummy::yummy::eek::eek::eek:They look fucking amazing. I hope my plants look as good as yours. They look all majestickie and stuff. Absolutly beautifull man, How long does it say to let them flower for? Only a month in flowering and they look phenominal. Good job bro. ( Damn I hope my grow looks as good as yours):wave:
  10. they say 60-65 days so around beginning of march or so they getting the chop
    but ya i was amazed at the resin production for only 32 days

    thanks for the replies and good luck on your grow
  11. whats up cult your girls are beautiful good job will be lookin for updates
  12. Great looking shit man, I'm jelous!
    I've been growing for a year and have accomplished very little.
    Last grow was just 1 oz per plant, and now have God knows what
    from some California medical.

    What brand it that? Must be Sativa, right?

    Keep up the good work man, they are wonderful looking plants!

  13. no its more indic dominant but its early in flower so it hasnt filled in fully
    i will post more pics before i harvest
  14. i like the new site
    maybe ill post more updated pics tomorrow which will be day 40 or 41 flower
  15. I've been looking at strains, and Mamdala seems to have some good stuff according to High Times. Hashberry eh??

    Looking very good my friend.

    I pulled mine out for mite spraying; one is 42 inches with five main colas, but they have not filled in yet at 4 weeks. I can hardly wait to see them fill in and become solid like yours (hope hope) and produce enough for a while. Six plants six oz??

    I'm having probs with my card reader, but when I ge t that fixed, I'll download some pics.

    C ya Pal,

  16. looks great man

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