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  1. Hell yeah man I was just about to post something about this. Just started to listen to the album and so far it's pretty sick, has those classic 311 beats. Vocals sound kinda different to me but I like it.
  2. first time through i didnt think i liked it, since listened to it about 10 times and its fucking awesome. Something out of nothing, jackpot, never ending summer, its alright, and india ink are such sick songs! cant wait for the shows this summer :hello:
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    I don't like it. At all, really. 311 is getting more poppy and mainstream sounding. I was hoping this album would sound something like sound system or transistor. I'm disappointed, honestly.

    and I'm even more disappointed because this summer, it's the first time they haven't played in Council Bluffs, Iowa in a long, long time. Now I'm forced to travel 2 more hours out of my way to Kansas City to see them. It's ridiculous, they play in ohio and missouri twice for fuck sake.

    disappointment :(

    edit.. let me correct myself. Three times in ohio. Bullshit.
  4. Sick CD. Been a 311 fan since '93. Every CD basically corresponds to each summer of my life since the age of 12. Almost haha.

    311 and Incubus concert. I tripped so hard.
  5. Thats cause ohio knows how to rock out dude. Ill be at the columbus and cinci show like every year, and im sure it will be a huge party just like every year. sucks to hear you have to travel so far man, ah well get really high and enjoy the show lol
  6. I'll have to agree, Transistor & Soundsystem were OFF THE HOOK. I haven't really given the new stuff a chance but there's no way it even compares to their old stuff.
  7. The album is far from what they did on Music and Transistor. But they are staying consistent on the path they took since then, with Evolver and DTOM. I dont think 311 can EVER sound like pop-they are 311 and that is all they will ever be. Im a fan for life, no matter what they do. Ive found no matter what they do on an album, they have always been able to bring me into the sound no matter what direction they go in. No doubt the direction has been different then the past, and this isn't my favorite from them, but I still do like it.
    I like Hey You cause at first take I thought it was about a person, but I realized they are singing about the music! others I like, India Ink, Two Drops In the Ocean, Jackpot, Something out of Nothing.

    It took me a second and third spin before it really grabbed me, but Ive got it on repeat now :cool:
  8. im liking the new album!! i cant wait to see them with ziggy and expendables june 21
  9. i wish they'd chill their songs out and make more shit like Amber
  10. i havent heard a lot of it but what i have i really like...only 3 more weeks til i see them with ziggy....ima roll at that concert...cant wait!

    hey you is a really good song tho
  11. Sorry about making another thread and not searching...
    I have mixed feelings about this album, most definitely not one of their best I like half of it and dislike the other half.

    Got my ticket for June 17th though. How was Ziggy in concert everyone?
  12. And Salad Fingers, Ohio is home to the Rock N' Roll hall of fame, why would they not play here in Ohio. We have musical history here, and I love the fact that I have the chance to see 3 shows.

    Sorry about your luck though my man.
  13. Ive been listening to the album time and time and time again..

    Now I have to give credit to Golden Sunlight.

    Ill put it on the line to say they will play this through the tour.

    Hand over hand
    I crawl back to land
    There is no retreat
    That option's far and away
    I have to be brave
    But I always did crave
    The golden sunlight
    It's been about me
    But I'm setting that free
    For golden sunlight, oh

    There's a door open to walk through
    All I want is just beyond
    What if I could let my guard down
    Into freedom, on and on

  14. I didn't know the expendables are going to be there. white river park will be fucking crazy!!
  15. I loved 311 back in the day, seen a few shows... But I haven't been into their stuff since "From Chaos".

    I checked out some clips of the new one. Meh.
  16. I'm going to their concert but I'm more excited to see the Expendables they are unrealllllll
  17. 311 was trying to be more original with this album, by making music with more repetitive riffs and what not like Down, this album kicks ass even though its not as hardcore as their other stuff, the lyrics are sweet and if you think about the lyrics I think its about a relationship, something they didnt do a lot of before which is in a lot of their new stuff on this album, SICK :]
  18. yeah they're sick. I like how they sound reggae and sort of metal altogether. The guitar solo on the song sacrifice is nuts.
  19. oh yeah Sacrifice is siiiick.

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