311 Unity tour w/ Ziggy and the Expendables

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  1. Who's going to this bitch? I'm so pumped. I'll be going to the show in kansas city. If anyone's going to the kc one, pm me.

    should be the shit. Bringing lots of drugs
  2. Columbus OH.
    One week before ComFest, my birthday, going to be a GREAT SHOW!

    Much herb to be burned. I'm excited 2 weeks away.
  3. june 24th in mass for me...ill be rollin...cant wait
  4. cincinnati ohio!! if anyone's gonna be there with the chronny chron PM me, we'll toke
  5. I'll be at the July 4th show in Atlanta. I'm sooooooo siked to see the Expendables!!! I've seen them once already and they brought the house dowwwn

    I got to chill with the lead singer and the bassist and I smoked a dank blunt with them. I still have the singers lighter :)

    they are so chill and awesome. It's gonna be great. I got backstage passes to this show too :metal:

    Ziggy is gonna be unreallllllllll
  6. Very Cool.... Glad I seen this thread. Expendables live is going to be great.

    311 might be cool, long as they do some older songs as well.
  7. Going to Cleveland one. Might get backstage pass fingers crossed!
  8. This is going to be SOOOO fucking dope. Expendables live is seriously one of the best concerts. Im gonna be at the LA show. Also... anyone hitting up Blazed and Confused tour?? Its got Slightly Stoopid, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Marley, and Mickey Avalon. Its coming to LA July 11th, and I plan on being very Blazed and Confused..
  9. So pissed I didn't hear about this til now... they just played Hollywood last night and I missed it.
  10. Dont worry man, they are comming back around July 11th to San Diego and July 12th to Irvine (which is like 45 minutes from LA)
  11. There's a good chance I'll be there. I wish Blazed & Confused was coming to MI
  12. ahhh slightly stoopid. june 30 for me :hello:

    I shall be there and I shall be slightly stoopid.
  13. Yeaaa Im trying to go to Irvine and San Diego.... I think Blazed and Confused is gonna be the best tour of the summer.. Not to mention Blazed and Confused is on the 11th in irvine and Expendables is on the 12.... Should be a fun and stoney two days...

  14. probably sickest two days you could possibly have.
  15. I want to go. I usually go to the Unity Tour every summer. I went last summer when they played w/ Snoop and it was ill. But fucking ticket prices are so expensive. 40 dollars for lawn seats at the Tweeter Center. WTF? Its usually like no more than 30 including service charges.
  16. yea dude.. it is really expensive.. But blazed and confused lawn tickets are like 15 bucks! At least in irvine and im assuming its pretty similar everywhere else. They just had a thing with livenations where they had no ticket fees... I think livenations might start doing that every wednesday or something.. check it out

  17. ya dude...its cuz of the fuckin comcast center and its new changes that came with new management...the tweet was wayy better...u could sneak in whenever bck then...not anymore...i heard that u cant get in the parking lot now without a ticket...but thats just a rumor...sneaking in is not very hard either..did it last year at pearl jam...it was so funny...when we started runnin to get in and a bunch of people were rootin us on...and security was right behind us...me and my 3 friends got in and everyone behind us got caught...so funny lol

    but ya 40 was lame but i bought it...the blzed and confused tour pit tickets are 42 bucks...pretty good lol...ill be at least trippin on lsd at that show...maybe some XTC too...idk tho
  18. They are back in San Diego on Jul 25th, Irvine jul 11th and Santa Barbara Jul 12th!! Ill be at every single concert!! yeah:smoking:
  19. "we dont need no ectasy, all we need is good sensi, to cure our brains" did ya miss that song by stoopid? no x or lsd needed to have a great time at this tour!!

  20. thats just a myth lol...lsd and X will make it wayyy better lol...cant fuckin wait

    lol...well at least i wont be doing cocaine there (i think)...song has a fuckin slammin bass

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