311 in MA

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  1. What other MA blades are insanely pumped for the upcoming concert?:hello: I just noticed The Expendables added to the line up and it basically made my day.
  2. shud be fun man...im gonna be rollin at that concert....cant fuckin wait lol...ill be in the lawn...how bout u guys??? where u gonna be at??
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    im probably gonna end up with lawn seats...getting the tix for my bday and I wanna bring more than one friend, so i figured why not ask for the cheaper ones and get more lol

    edit: the lawn seats are by far the best anyways you get to meet mad chill people up there.
  4. ya...they are still 40 bucks just for the lawn which is kinda ridiculous but whatever...i paid 42$ for the blazed and confused concert (which will be the best concert of the year)...and those tix are for the pit lol...i gotta buy a chillum for that concert...the motherfuckin comcast center and its new management blows...bring the tweet back!!!
  5. snoop and slightly...thats pretty amazing lol. I havent been to the comcast center yet, cause last year I went and it was still the Tweeter. How tight is the security now?

  6. lol...unless u went to one of the first shows of the year last year then it was the comcast center...it mihgt have been the comcast center all of last year actually...idk....but ya i heard that sneaking in is really hard now (i live so close to the tweet that all my buddies and me used to sneak in last year...saw pearl jam and tom petty for free)
  7. if it was the comcast, then it was easy to sneak shit in cause I didnt even get patted or stopped or anything...ive never really tried sneaking myself in, but I know a few kids who were going through a whole in the fence and made it relatively easy.

  8. lol ya thats what i had to do...there are 2 ways to do it...either go under a hole in the fence (which is what i did but its no longer possible) and the ohter way is over the fence...in that case u need a trash barrel and maybe a sweatshirt so u can put it over the barbed wire lol...but ya sneakin shit in is pretty easy..

    last yr at 311 i saw this guy take out like at least an ounce and a huge bowl...i was like "how the fuck did u get that in" lol...then we proceeded to smoke a few bowls together
  9. 311 will be dope i cant wait! The expendables are even better live than on disc-they tear it up! Just like stoopid tears it up, i cant wait for the blazed & confused tour either, thats gonna be sick too...Silverback Artist Mgmt is the shit! their bands all rip!:smoke:

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