311 Fans Unite

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  1. Sorry nothing beats this band stoned or sober it's just so smooth (stoned as hell) it like flows like a waterfall gently pouring down below into a stream yup this bud is awesome i'm lovin the vibe to sum it up i'm having massive romance explosions left and right in my ears from 311 BLAZE ON

    Just a list of SOME of their sick songs
    Beautiful Disaster, Don't Tread on Me, Down, All Mixed Up, Love Song (the cure cover)

    Any other good songs GC?
  2. Running
    Still Dreaming
    Loco (about mushrooms)
    Don't Stay Home
    Beyond the Gray Sky
  3. Yeah I've been a fan of 311 since the Blue Album came out. I go through phases with them though, and I happen to not be into them as much right now. Some of my favorites are...

    Beyond The Gray Sky
    Homebrew (Also about tripping)
    Amber is a good one
    Freeze Time
    Leaving Babylon
    Lifes Not A Race

    I love their reggae stuff. Their heavier stuff is cool too, especially at their shows. I've seen them about 4 or 5 times, and their shows are always a blast. Always a dope drum solo, and just fun energy. I've seen them with The Roots, Matisyahu, The Wailers, Papa Roach, and other various artists. They are slick for sure.

    Any news on a new record?
  4. saw em twice live...so so good. smoked a fatty the 2nd time around. good times.
  5. Love 311. Respect!
  6. thats where its at. chillin to em rite now.
  7. I've been jammin to 311 since i was a child! fucking +rep for even mentioning them, let alone being a fan. My fav's __ Omaha Stylee, Homebrew, beyond the gray sky, WHO"S GOT THE HERB!!!
  8. Champagne

    the best 311 song ever

    311 best stoner band ever
  9. 311 is 'mazing i seen em live for the first time earlier this summer with Snoop

    it was fuckin awesome

    but i recommend Speak Easy

    i love it
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    Cali Soca
    No Control
    Freeze Time
    Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm
    Seems Uncertain
    In the Code
    Creature Feature
    Nix Hex
    Who's Got the Herb (Of course)

    plus all listed above and so many more

    great band, even greater live

    edit: Chemist216 I've been to a lot of the same sets...the Roots was the first time i ever saw 311 and I think that was my favorite one, especially because it was when The Roots were touring the Tipping Point...Matisyahu was great too

    the drum solo is always during Applied Science...that's 311 tradition right there
  11. Yeah, that Roots show was crazy fun. The Matisyahu one too. Yeah they do always bust out the solo in the middle of Applied Science, huh. Good shit. I wonder if they are working on new material?
    Key2gb, props for "You've got to be HILIKUS"... How many times you seen Incubus live?
  12. I love 311! saw em with Snoop brought a joint it was one of the funnest shows ever.
  13. Hell yeah..definitely in my top 3 bands. Listen to em quite a bit
  14. never seen them live, and im not gonna list any songs, but you all should know im a fan.
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    Yeah 311s the shit! I got to see them for the first time in the 11 years that I have been listening to them at Rothbury in Michigan.
  16. "Feels So Good" is such a great pump-up song.
  17. 311? who the hell are they?

    i'm completely kidding i see them every summer when they come to jersey. no matter what music i'm into at the time, i can always listen to 311, they're sooo good all the time. i dont think a single stoner on here doesnt listen to them

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