31 American Troops Killed In NATO Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan

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  1. 31 American Troops Killed In NATO Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan

    If any of you are related to or personally know these sacrificial people, my heart goes out to you. I have had to deal with the loss of a family member who served in the American military and I can say this "knock" leaves you with a grim reminder of how freedom is not free. It comes with a price and all I can say is I hope you have the same hope I have for my brother. I know most of you readers aren't Christians, but would agree with what Jesus Christ once said, "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." Just know there are people out there who will help you in this dark time and realize there IS hope.

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  2. This is such a great loss. I feel for the families of the troops that were killed in the attack. But I would like to say that I feel like this war is pointless. Why are we bankrupting ourselves fighting for some other country's freedom? I don't agree with this train of thought. That doesn't mean I don't support our troops who voluntarily fight in the military, something I would never be brave enough to do.
  3. 30 troops, so fucking shitty,

    war?...what is it good for?... absolutely nothing...
  4. Seriously, it's one of the biggest losses we've seen in a while.

    I agree that we are in a lose-lose war with no benefit other than bragging rights. If we spent our money on advancing our economy and collecting the oil which is bubbling out of the ground in Alaska we wouldn't have to be in a war for "oil" in ANOTHER country. I like how your position on the war doesn't affect your supportive attitude towards the troops. I believe a lot of our nation has a sense of despair and doesn't want to support these brave men for volunteering for our freedom. Amen bro
  5. good song.
    Although if other countries insist on having wars, we better be able to defend ourselves ya know?
  6. That's really terrible :( R.I.P To all those people, we should never forget how thousands of afgan little children woman and men where innocently blown up though.

    But that is terrible considering the wars nearly over :(

  7. no i dont know, im Canadian and dont really care to know or understand, so many lifes and have lost and lives have be ruined. where does it end, :confused_2:

    im sure you can sit here and tell me a hundo reasons why there (which you dont even know if they are true) at war but i dont agree with it thats all..lol
  8. the seals that killed osama died in that :eek:
  9. No way:eek:
    How do you know?
  10. We certainly are fighting the wrong people...

  11. I never know how to take you, are you being sarcastic? :confused_2:
  12. If we were going to fight anyone it should be the one's that suppress people kill innocent people for disagreeing with there corrupt dictatorchip
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    I liked this post before your edit skunky. lol

    Sorry to hear about this. I can't stand these "wars" we're in.
  14. My point was war exists. And since it exists we must know how to defend ourselves when it arises to prevent even more lost lives.

    Isn't that who we are fighting against though? The Taliban?
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    Is that what the Taliban is? A corrupt dictatorship? :confused:
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    I am being serious, especially to anyone who refers to the phrase "freedom isnt free" to this war.
  17. I'm pretty sure that's one of their goals besides spreading militant Islam.

    My cousin who served in the military over in Afghan said they were the most ruthless people he's ever witnessed (he had some insane stories), he eventually was a victim of one of their suicide bomb attacks. They literally force people to leave their homes so they could use them as "safe homes"
  18. educate yourself brother
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    Pretty sure? :confused:

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