Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thaked, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. is 30C too high temp for the plants, i have all the ventilation and air movement and the temp just stays at 30C

    give me your thoughts
  2. my thought is that its WAY too hot

    27 max
  3. then im gutted.

    my house temp is always around 26C and my light gives off loads of heat, i've got a 100mm extractor fan (bathroom type).

    you think im gonna need that on all the time (its so f*****g loud)
  4. Depends...i ran 3 600w once during a heatwave !!!! and it was 95 but the widow still turned out superb..so dent let it bother you too much..they quote these figures as optimums...there are variables...you may lose half a percent strength in the bud which you may gain buy doing something else better...swings and roundbouts mate..
  5. yeah i've had mine go to 30 for quite a while as i have the same problem with heat, they drank a lot more water, but that's all..........ps where in the growroom is the thermometer?......Peace out......Sid
  6. well, i know this is gonna be one of them i-told-you-so things but the thermostat is very close to the light, but i do also have a seperate thermometer at the bottom but its just not the most accurate tool in the world.

    i also have 3 computer fans (large) over the pots, you see any probs with that?
  7. what to do, is set the thermo, in a location approx the same height as the plants, but cover it from direct light.......but don't put it too far away....., this will give you the ambient temperture, directly under the light is the radiant temp, MJ plants can take up to 90-95 radiant temp......but not at that level if it's ambient........Peace out........Sid

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