308 Watts, how many will that grow/yield?

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  1. How many mmj plants will grow under 308 actual watts all from cfl's? 8x 26W and 5x 20w. An exact total of 20,000 lumens. Would that be enough for 4? Thanks :wave:
  2. your supposed to have 100 watts for one plant then 50 watts per additional plant and 10,000 lumens per plant.
  3. that is about equivalent to a 150watt hid and i would say probably 2 decent sized plants.. if its a small grow then it could be enough for 4. the 100 watt rule is for hid lights.. if you had 100watts incandescent lights that is only 24watts cfl and about 12 watts hid.
  4. Thank you for the replies. I know you wont have an exact answer, but any ideas on a ballpark guess on the yield of 4 plants under that setup? Could an O per plant be expected? Thanks
  5. I am wondering the same thing as of right now. I am planning to start my 1st grow with 225w and 4 plants.
  6. I do no more than 2 plants flowering per 400 watt of hps. With cfls, I currently am doing a blue widow grow under cfl to see what I can get. I have it under 505 actual watts of cfl and it seems to be doing good. For 4 plants, I'd use a 600watt hps.
    I know a lot of people that do 4 or more under 1 400watt hps. It will work, but yield is crushed. I'm a big believer in maximizing yield. I average around 5 oz a plant indoors. Just harvested 1 yesterday, its still drying, but its at least 6 oz.

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    You will get a zip a plant for sure. But definitely not getting the full potential out of them.

  8. Thanks for your help, highly appreciated. I thought 3 zips was just about max indoor. nice work man, do you have a thread for your grow?:hello:
  9. you can grow 4 plants easy with that lighting, ive done it twice and got anywhere from 14 grams- 32 grams each plant.. its just your skill and knowledge.
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    I will. Once this last harvest is finshed. I don't like posting journals until my home is empty.

  11. Understandable. Say you were to put the 308w on 1 plant, how much yield is possible?
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    With a 5 gallon pot, and inside a reflective area, with a proper 4-6 week veg. Depending on strain, 4 oz would be a average.
  13. I dunno where u ppls get u're info from but i can assure you that you can do at last 5-6 plants under 400w HID.
    I started a closet grow with 250w MH used for veg abt 3 weeks, then i switched to 600w HPS for flower.
    1x Vertigo auto, 5x AutoAK, 3x Pineapple Express auto.
    I have now two 80CM tall AutoAK(four and half weeks old) , and the rest of them are abt 45-55CM tall. With that said i am sure 400w HID can grow abt 6 plants with decent yield(not max but above average).
    If u guys are interested please check out my closet grow journal :
  14. I've done 4, 5, and even 6 plants under a 400watt over the years. And like i said it works. But the yield is affected too much for my liking. In my larger tent, its actually more like a room. I run a 1000 watt bulb. I put up to 8 under it with great results. But if you want the most out of your plants, which it seems you do, no more than 2 under your 400 watt. You want to do 4, just get a 600watt. And with cfls, they don't have the canopy penetrating power as a hps, so you need more for 1. Here's a pic of a blue widow I'm doing under all cfl just to see what i can do. I have it under 505 actual cfl watts. 3 125 watters and 2 65 watts. I use the 65 watters down the sides to get light to the bottom. And I line the 3 125watters across the top. I couldn't imagine using less cfl on 1 plant. It's in week 3 of flower, its 49" tall, and peppered in bud sites.

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    I get my info from well over 1000 outdoor grown plants, and at least 200 indoor grows over the past 8 years. So no its not fact, but its the results I like. And through tons of trial and error, I found I prefer 1 plant that yields as much as 4 would under a 400watt hps, instead of growing 4 under the 400watt hps, I save nutes, water, seeds/clones, and yield the same amount.
  16. Thats what I was getting at, why 4 pulling 1 zip each when you can grow one mega plant yielding 4 zips. Impressive stats man, glad I have your expert advise. Would running 6500k during flower cause any harm? Would the extra light be ok even though its from the wrong kelvin spectrum? thx :smoke:
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    1 of my 125 watt bulbs are 6500k. The rest are 2700k. It seems to help.
  18. i also use a 125watt 6500k cfl for supplemental lighting with good results
  19. Great! that answers my questions, thanks a lot! :bongin:
  20. Why don't you grow it in a SOG that way you can get a larger yield.

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