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  1. Hey guys and girls,

    just stopped by the local shop here in the mile high city and found that a new seed bank has popped up here in our lovely state figured ill try them out its called 303 seeds and I picked up three strains Snow Goddess ( Ski Train x goddess kush) RTD (Ski Train x P Phunk) and Shooting star which is Ski Train x sensi star from paradise seeds. I just popped five of them two goddess, two RTD and one shooting star. If your a colorado local and looking for some new genetics check out altitude wellness for some 303 seeds

    Wanna see what the Genetics are? they got a website 303seeds.com

    Two photos the weird looking seedling has really meaty leaves and is the shooting star interested to see whats gonna come out of it.

    All posts are for MMJ purposes only!!!!

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  2. I love the names of these things!

    Let me know how the Regional Transportation District turns out ;)
  3. Oh Boy! Get to see the new CO gear in action. I'm subscribed and waitin on some bud porn! :hello:


  4. The names are def unique! keep it all colorado local, and def will keep you updated on that RTD as they come along
  5. Hey Milehigh, Welcome to GC's organics.

    what kind of growing media/nutes/lights will you be using?

    i'm curious, and excited to see new american genetics growin!
  6. Ill be using a super soil mix I got from a friend and using only RO water for the first 6 weeks than if needed ill use an assortment of different teas as well as molasses for a boost. The super soil is using several meals as well as EWC, trace elements, several guano's plus a bail of sunshine. Lighting Will be in my flwr room which has 2 1000 watt HPS and a 400 mh in between them. Also has CO2 pumped into the room. Ill have them in 3-5 gallon smart pots and I am still deciding on whether or not i want to screen them???
  7. Update on the 303 seeds grow...

    Well I def have at least one female so far the RTD #2 pre-flowered for me she looks great! the #1 branches less but is about the same height also looks to be a female but I'm not 100% yet

    As far as the 2 snow goddess they are both the tallest and look to be going male but it'll be a few more days b4 I'm sure.

    Lastly the mutant shooting star it topped itself and is the slowest to grow due to that sensi star in it... looks awesome still has meaty leaves and its got a weird little growth in between the two tops def most interested to see if this is a female and if it is what the bud will come out like?!?!

    left to right we have below shooting star, snow goddess and RTd

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  8. Last night I found that the two Snow Goddess were male so they got chopped but I also found that the two RTD both sexed female! So sitting right at 50/50 m/f ratio and the shooting star will hopefully be female giving me three outta five female which is perfect gives me nothing to complain about!

    The two RTD started getting LST last night so probably another two-four weeks of veg and Ill put them in the flowering room. I did some research on that p-phunk 303 used to cross with their ski train to make the RTD and found it was a slow veg but def not the case with these RTD vigorous growth and incredibly thick stalk/stems!! Looking like some real solid genetics.
  9. Oh Ya Female shooting star! Three girls vegging up 2 RTD and 1 Shooting Star popped 5 seeds and got 3 females. Ill post some pics again in a cpl weeks than throw them into flower!!
  10. thats sick bro i got some 303 gear going too just no camera to take pics with but i should have that shortly!!
  11. Today I super-cropped all of the girls i will give them a week to recover and get some growth going than put some pics up...
  12. Heya Milehigh,

    Good luck with your organic grow and welcome to GC.

    All the best,

  13. Drawing some Colorado folk around here! Look forward to seeing how Run Them Down turns out! :wave:
  14. More pics please!

    And lookin great by the way!:hello: Can't wait to see how these three girls turn out for you.

  15. I can't wait to see these strains.
  16. Hey guys sorry about the gap in posts my god damn camera took a shit so me and the wife had to fix it! non the less it is up and running and im gonna post some new pics of the RTD 1 + 2 which are at day 6 in flower and have already stretched 4-6 inches depending on the branch!

    The shooting star however is a little bit slower of a veg so it is still in veg looking great!
  17. To start it off we have RTD 1 + 2 below they are day 6 and have stretched about 4-6 inches. I put them into five gallon smart pots... with the handles though!(recomend) i put tomato cages around for support. The substrate is a peat based super soil consisting of bat guanos, vegan compost, bone + blood meal etc... The flower room went under some renovations in order to lower heat issues I dropped the 1000 watts for 2 600 watt HPS on either side of a 400 wat MH 7200k. Lastly today I am picking up my new CO2 regulator so their will be CO2 pumped into the room.

    below: first 5 pics are #1 (first row) rest are #2

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  18. here is my baby the Shooting star she will have one more week of veg than go into flower when the RTD are on day 14 this is in rder to try and keep the canopy slightly more even. This one topped itself and had really weird leaves at the begining so i super cropped the two tops to allow the center and sides to catch up a bit ill Prolly just end up using them for clones.

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  19. So now that the camera is fixed expect weekly updates every saturday or so all the way to Harvest!!! Cant wait these girls look great
  20. Nice work on the veg bro, looks great. Wow, the RTD really took off! Those things are huge!
    BP :bongin:

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