300w tot. HPS Green Crack, Onyx, Afghan Kush Ryder

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by phyking, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Here's the box kinda. You see everthing thats goin on though.

    Here is the Green Crack. She's about 3" tall

    Here is the Afghan Kush Ryder. You can see her second set long leaf is deformed. It's like grown cut in half.

    And the Onyx. She is very wide but only like 2-3" tall. So weird.
  2. The Onyx looks like that's gonna be one fat plant! Make sure to post a smoke report for the green crack as well! Never tried that shit and I'd love to.
  3. Yeah I know. The internodes are so small and close they dont even look real. haha. Cant wait for it to be done. It's supposed to grow to be like 80 cm
  4. I finished a Onyx in October. It was basically just one big bud and only 12" tall. Produced 28g dry! Good smoke. It'll finish in 70 days. :smoke: I attributed the short stature to 180w LED 12" above it. Yours may get taller.
  5. Oh really? Thats pretty good for an oz from a dwarf. You think mine might be taller then 12"? It's staying sooo short, its only like 2-3" but way wide.
  6. I think you're gonna have a good pull off that Onyx if you treat her right! Where did you score the Green Crack seeds?
  7. Hommie made a batch of them. Don;t know sex on that one. the other two I ordered off worlwide seed centre. That Afghan Kush Ryder is the one I can't wait for. I bet thats gonna be the bomb. I've heard that autos are sensetive to nutes? So should I use any nutes? or just wait like another week?
  8. Autos are super sensitive to nutes from my experiences with them. I wouldn't give em any nutes for another couple weeks bro, and when you decide to, make sure you do not give over a quarter of the recommended dose. If you see any signs of nute-burn at all, start flushing them with pure pH balanced water ASAP.
  9. Ha ok good to know.

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