300w pineapple kush , pineapple skunk, GSK, , 250w hps 5x wappa,c99

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  1. Ahoy bros I share my growing.
    Some detail about the system .
    Box : 1mx2mx2m ( D, W, H)
    1m2: ms006 grownorthern led + 180w blackster led(3 pineapple chunk , 3 pineapple skunk , girl scout cookies and silver kush)
    1m2 250w hps (5x wappa , 1x c99)
    TD silent ventillation , Diamond reflector , ALLMIX , 10L final pots.
    Nutes : canna aqua , big bud , superthrive , rhizotonic,hammerhead, ripen , floora kleen.
    Today is the 3rd week from seed , and i topped all of the plants.
    Next week they will get the final pots and go into flower.
    Pictures soon .
    ENJOY IT .....

  2. 25. Day lst , supercrooping. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391356037.251904.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1391356045.333753.jpg
  3. Now looks much better

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  5. why are you using canna aqua with a soil grow? and your leaves are always wet for some reason in the pix
  6. plagron , bioblizz are a biggest jokes without any mg and small ratios.
    The bio line is the biggest joke xD.I use hydro nutes Ro water becouse they are more complex then the terra and etc nutes. I add a little MgSO4 and thats all , i give nutes every single watering with 1.0 -1,6 max ec.
    The leaves wet becouse i sprinkle with rizotonic alg-a-mic and some times with neem oil.
    The rhizotonic is the best shit , i reccomend to use for everybody. But only with foliar feed becouse its rise the PH.
    Now the pots will be fully filled by the roots in the flo first two weeks thanx for rhizo :) .
    i nute becouse i lazy to cook the soil for one month to make a good microbiology life.
    Organic is good and nice for lazy users , but with this combos i can make a g/w so easily with the good genetic , this is why wappa and c99 under hps , theese are good yielder with a little care .
    The plants under the led just for fun :)
  7. Day 5 12/12 , ph-d water only and rhizotonic in foliar.
    Temp 20-28.
    Humidity 40-55

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    Nice looking grow , Its interesting to see a side by side LED and HPS are you rotating the plants under both lights or keeping them separate.
    I have PC in my grow I really had issues from the one sativia dominant plant she was so sensitive to nute burn but all your plants look fine. 
  9. keeping konstant . One thing i see now which plant under the blackstar are streching more. I will upload pics today
  10. Day 8 in 12/12 when sleeping.
  11. Day 15 12/12
  12. Day 20 12/12
    Get some big bud.
  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1393618025.005979.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1393618034.271646.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1393618043.206077.jpg

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  14. Looking good.
  15. day 38

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