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  1. First, I want to say, I have learned so so so much from all the posts on here. I'm on my first grow, and accidentally got in a little over my head... And reading through these forums saved me from trashing a bunch of perfectly good girls. Forgive me if I'm a little long winded.
    My boyfriend got 8 Red Dragon seeds from a friend, we threw them all in 2 Aero gardens we had. Everyone sprouted, we were hoping to get at least 3 or 4 girls.. about 2 weeks in, we were informed the seeds were feminized..So we had 8 girls growing!
    We decided to go with it. We built 2 boxes and are using 18 gallon Rubbermaid tubs, which so far I have loved. So 1 tub to each box with 4 girls in each one, needless to say, it's getting pretty crowded. Each box had a 300w Led. I switched one of them to 12/12 a week ago and I added 2 soft white 40w CFLs. I plan on switching the other one later this week.
    I've been doing lst, and trying to keep them as bushy as possible but I'm running out of horizontal room. So, at this point the only thing I can figure is let them do their thing.
    Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's a few pics from the beginning until today. When I moved them into the cabinet, they started getting root rot, I was having trouble with the water temp. They got pretty sick. I got some Hydroguard and it fixed them right up. The last pic is today, the box in the left is the one that's been 12/12 for a week.

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  2. I basically said all of this again in a grow journal.. it's more detailed. So please reply in there! Thanks!
  3. what kind of led you got?
    temperature :

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  4. It's a VivarSpectra 300w. I also now have 4 100w soft white cfls. I'm using fox farms nutes, Grow big and big bloom since about the 2ND week in veg and I just started tiger bloom today when I changed the res (10 days into flower). Temp and humidity I'm having a little trouble controlling, it can get up to 90 in the box, but I run the lights at night.. so hopefully that doesn't happen often. The humidity, depending on the weather, is between 30 and 60.
  5. You should check out my grow journal.. there's lots of pics

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