300W Dual Spec Cfl Closet Grow

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    ok so i have just finished ordering my stuff for this grow i have a small closet approx W1.5ft x L 4ft x H 5ft 
    i am going to be using a 300w dual spec cfl with reflector. the closet itself has been cleaned and painted white. i have 1 computer fan as a intake and 2 as an extraction with a 4 inch homemade carbon filter. i will be using biobizz all-mix soil and dr hornby's big bud nutes for the flowering stage i have 3 seeds to grow 2 autos which are 00 Seeds Auto Chocolate Skunk Sweet Auto Black Cream and 1 fem 
    Cream of the Crop Custard Cream  the custard cream i will do last because i want to see how i go with the autos and then grow the custard and take some cuttings.i will be doing 1 at a time this is a learning curve for me so i will be doing a little journal starting tomorrow with the stages on my closet build.
    Any help and advice is welcome as this will be my first proper go at it. i have played with a small 3 bulb clf grow before but just to see if i can keep the plant alive for the whole process .
    happy Growing all :D

  2. Keep the plant small tricks, 
    1: Use small 2.5 gallon pot at most
    2: Trim roots 1x time per month
    3: Use a light in the cool white range(6500k)
    4: Pick a low ryder strain, a strain that is naturally small ie. Ruderalis cross with Indica(northern lights auto)
    5: Grow in Cocoa / perlite mix (more for convenience)
    Do a 36 hour test run, sort out the hassles now than later...lol

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