300w CFL Dual Spectrum

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  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Spectrum-Hydroponics-Energy-Flower-Pendant/dp/B00KW640RG

    So I'm planning growing 2 Afghan Kush Ryder Autos and was wondering if this light will do for both of them. Has anyone used this light before? Additional info - I'm planning to put them in soil, 4L pots, put a couple of computer fans next to them and surround them on 3 sides with mylar. Do you think this will work?
  2. It's only 170 actual watts, you'd be better off buying 4 60w(actual not equivalent) bulbs with 2 of each spectrum so you can get them closer to the plant(less heat) and spread the light out more.
  3. Thanks man, do you know where I might be able to find those? If you could link it I would really appreciate it. And as for the setup once I get the lights, do you think it will work?
  4. I use 4x60 watt 6500k cfl to veg, in DWC hydro. They work well. You can buy theses on amazon for 12.95 each. They are Apollo brand.

    Then I got one of these:

    ABI® E26 Light Bulb Socket to 2-Prong...

    Then one of these...

    MUMENG E26 E27 4 Socket Adapter E27...

    Copy and paste those into Amazon, search and you'll find them.

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  5. I'll also ad the reason I went with 4 60 watt bulbs is, cfl are fragile. They can stop working easily. If I accidentally bump one too hard, I only have to replace one bulb for $12.95 instead of buying the whole thing again, for $50 or $60.

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  6. Here's a pic...

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  7. Cheers bro, that should help me it's just difficult finding the correct lights especially since this is my first grow. And that looks like a pretty sweet setup btw.
  8. Works well, and cost about $70 for all of it....


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