3000watt grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Climbstoned, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. How's this sound, 8x4room holding 2 raptor hoods, 2 1000watts, 4 massive flowering plants. Anther 8x4room holding 1 1000watt, vegging 4 plants and 2 mothers? Any comments? Info? Critics?
  2. hmmm think you should get a flip box and do 1 8X4 split in half and 2000w in each room.
    and then use your 1000w in a 4X4 or 4X8 area and veg great efficiancy :) what i plan on having when the money is right
  3. great fro perpetual too in one room you have 4 plants the other half you have 4 plants all massive abotu 2 ft tall before you budd them any more and youll have to do more lollipoping than you want and you can harvet every 4 weeks if you want fast or ever 5 -7 weeks with a haze or long flowering plant these are the best and great on yeilds with this perpetual grow you can acheive almost the same amount as bud as these commercial strains and even from a kush or a blueberry or a connesiure strain but will be better had a buddy that achieved almost the same as a guy with 3 1000w with 2 1000w and was all purple urkle was seriouse was almost 1 1/2lb every 5 weeks

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