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3000k HPS Grow using only Jacks 321

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Since7, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Hello GC fam. Being this is my first post i will start of by giving a brief description of where i stand at this time. I am in my 5th week of flowering on my first grow. I have chosen mostly indica dominants and am trying to get my penotypes sorted out. First run is Kosher Kush, Irene, Lemon Garlic OG, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, 707 Headband and Stink Bomb I. As you can tell i am going towards mostly gassy strains. I started off using biocanna but due to restrictions i chose to switch to nectar of the gods. I have no complaints i will post pictures as soon as i can. But my reason for creating this thread is because there isn't very much info available online about greengenes Jacks 321 formula. I have taken and rooted clones of all the strains i have mentioned and i will now be using only jacks 5-12-26, 15-0-0 and epsom, I would like to compare my results and see just how fool proof the jacks formula is my reason for the switch is jacks is just a lot more cost effective then the Nectar I am running in Coco with RO water by the way. Clones Are still in Dixie cups i will be transplanting and being with the feeding regimen this week.
  2. Hey, we've been using Jack's now for 2 years or more with wonderful results. Cost effective, much more simple to deal with than the multi-bottle packs most use these days. We love it here and continually have excellent results. We typically flower off 25-30 at a time and I buy enough Jack's to last me well over a year for $15.00. Can't beat that with a stick!! Saving money and getting excellent results without all the hassle I dealt with before is a winning combination to me. I generally feed a very diluted dose with every watering, but have done it the regular way too and it works both ways. TWW
  3. I appreciate the fast response i will keep this i mind going forward. Can i are you using only jacks, or is this being combined with other bud boosters? i just started using mammoth P. It is suppose to increase your yield up to a third.
  4. I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures.. I will post more shots soon. The purple Led is obviously veg.. Its hard to tell but that back row in flower are all 6" or better.. This is grown with a mix of canna and Nectar of the Goods. Just now making transition to Jacks.. Photo on 3-29-16 at 3.49 AM.jpg Photo on 3-29-16 at 3.48 AM.jpg Photo on 3-29-16 at 3.47 AM #2.jpg

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