300 watt Dual Spectrum CFL Draw conversion Grow Diary

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Frackyboom, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Today im starting my diary for my draw unit set up, ive run a couple of succesful grows at around 125watts, the quality has been great but I want to get more weight out of my setup. So, I bought a new 300w Omega dual spectrum cfl, im also going to invest in some more appropriate nutrients eg. Canna/big bud. This diary will be focusing on improving weights in a micro setup. Im using 6 random seeds my friend gave me, they may be feminised they may not, he csnt remember. If they all turn out to be female I'll be giving 4 away leaving me 2 to work with.Sent from my SM-T210 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  2. Day 3
    On day three since the first seedling popped through, here's some pics of the set up and my new bulb which will be going in in about a week or so, If all goes to plan i'll be scouting for some nutes and purchasing them in a week or so.

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  3. Day 7
    A week since the first one popped out of the soil and all 6 are now showing, i'll be waiting until the 4th/5th nodes before switching to 12/12 to see what sex they are, if they're all female a couple of my friends will be having the remaining 4 as i only want 2 for this grow. New 300w bulb is in and looking good, temps are a bit high so i'll be working on getting them down.

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  4. Looks like a nice setup, Really like that dresser/draw grow space! What are your temps currently running at?
  5. Thanks mate! Shes done me well so far, no where near perfect yet hough. Running at 30c at the moment, I want to get it too 27/28c, im thinking another 6" fan and a small pc fan blowing in to get some fresh air pulled in.Sent from my SM-T210 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Cheers mate, the exhaust is 8 pc fans put together to extract the hot air, im thinkng your idea is probably right, a propper fan blowing hot air out will probably drop the temps better, I may swap them for a 6" fan (same as fan in the top right).Sent from my SM-T210 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. How's it growin dude

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  8. Sorry for the lack of updates, the temps were too high and had family around so had to close it down for a few weeks. The plants had to be killed :( and fed to my bunny! He was happy though. I have since brewed and have currently airated compost + manure tea which has been feeding my current grow, blackberry :) I forget the name of the producer I will update that when im home, ive also removed the pc fans and used the 6" fan as the extractor, that has brought the temp down from 30+ to 23-25 (300w) The result is a very happy plant, the compost tea is proving a good sorce of fert. Pics added in next post.

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  9. Pic

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  10. Subbed, got a similar setup myself with the 300w dual, how old is it in that pic above? would be interesting to see how you get on! Good Luck
  11. Its about 3 weeks from germination I think, the 300w dual is working wonders, that plus my compost tea!

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  12. I switched to 12/12 about 2 days ago, i did some LSTing today and also added a mini CO2 generator (pictured below). Ive got 10 cola's to work with, 2 of them being main cola's, there's been some yellowing on the lower leaves, im not worrying too much but im switching from my compost tea to some nutrients which i will be buying tomorrow (after some research) to  make sure she's not missing anything.

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  13. Subbed in bruddah, lookin good btw. how much did that 300w dual spec set you back?

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  14. Welcome Bredren! It set me back 40GDP, it is worth it, i had 4/5 bulbs running to get half this wattage via 25watt bulbs at 5GDP each, and then had to switch spectrum! Plant seems to be loving it too, and ive noticed the speed difference in growth.
  15. I'd be interested to know during flowering stage how the dual spec performs, mine is a 8u bulb split 4 and 4 so I'd imagine by that iv only got 150w at red n 150w blue. Would it be better getting a straight 300 at red only........


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  16. Coming on well since the 12/12, I got some tomato grow stuff with a good ratio, added kelp and trace elements, should help her along, pistols have started showing and she's reaching for those lights.

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  17. She's stretched well over the past few days, a real noticeable difference in this stage compared to my last grows, a combination of the 300 watts (apposed to 125) and a good balanced diet of nutrients, she seems to have really liked the tomato feed i gave her, clean flush on the next water and i'll feed again after that. I think she should stop stretching soon, i will then lower the light as close as i can and get watch those buds develop, i gave her a trim today too, the last one before harvest (i only trim twice, less stress).

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  18. She's looking good, she underwent some more lsting and trimming today due to the vigorous growth. She's still on the tomato feed, seems to be working really well, the healthiest plant i have grown yet by far, a few blemishes here and there but overall she is reaching for the light and bud growth is starting to gather speed.

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  19. Looks great man, fast growth too. Impressed by that 300w CFL, never seen one that big before.

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