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    Has anyone tried one of these 300 watt cfl bulbs. I had a 150 watt cfl (before I dropped it) and it was really bright for 150 watts and it didn't require a ballast. The 300 watt cfl sells for about $70. Sounds like a no brainer. I was thinking it might be a good idea to have 2 or 3 of these 300w CFLs at ground level to really help flowering in the areas that do not traditionally get enough light from the hanging lights above.
    Oh, and I'm not talking about 300 watts equivalent. But actual 300 watts.[​IMG]

  2. I use 4x125w red above the plants, and once the flowers appear i have 2x 65w secondary waiting to give light lower down. I was reluctant to use the largest bulbs at first because I thought it cheaper and easier to replace smaller ones. But they really are better IMO, and seem to be doing the job. Whether you can use 300w bulbs well is hard to say - they're big buggers, so it depends what space you're fitting them into. Those 125 watters are big enough, and the 65w I'll use lower down seemed really big to until the 125's arrived.
  3. might sound odd but if your gonna get 3 why not find a cheap 400w hps ? then you dont need the lower down lights butnif you got it there good lights is it the dual spec one?
    also get a good reflector makes all the difference :)
  4. Good point. The HPS produces a lot of heat though and some people (me included) couldn't deal with getting rid of it.
  5. i went from 250watts of cfl to 250w hps and saw a 2 deg rise in temps also if you can get a cool tube your golden i dont have a cool tube id love a 400w cool tube
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    what difference did you notice between the two types of bulb? Had you already flowered with the CFL before you changed to HPS?
  7. i had flowered with it yes and the diffrence was crazy the nugs got denser and the suger leaves got loads and loads of trichs all over and in got more than i thought given the circumstances. i also dodnt have to keep the lights so clpse somdodnt have to keep moving them
    so there was a big difference once i changed
  8. but good air flow is essential
  9. Thanks, and yes I agree. I use 500w CFL for just two plants (soon to try with just one). It's my first time flowering so I'll be happy with anything it produces. Perhaps the extra 250w for just 2 plants will make the difference.
  10. wow 500w for one plant lol thats plenty :) im sure if can have 500w cfl a 250w hps would be possible. if you can get cheap inline fan stick thw pipe by tge bulb sucks the heat right off
  11. HPS has more lumens per watt over any other grow light,it will give bigger buds at a faster rate.

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