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$300 to spend on some DANK. Best/Favorite Strains?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OmgHiiDanny, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. #1 OmgHiiDanny, Sep 29, 2009
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    So, Oct. 2nd is coming up and that being the last day for some of my friends to get high so we decided to celebrate.
    We're going to go to 2 different clubs to get our dank, but with $300+ to spend we wanted to know from the GC members, what do you think is the "Best" and/or your favorite?

    Right now we just have,
    White Widow/Rhino
    Casey Jones
    Super Silver Haze
    Super Sour Diesel Haze
    Bubba Kush
    Green Crack
    Northern Lights
    matanuska/Alaskan Thunderfuck
    Euphoria Unlimited
    Hawaiian Kona Gold
    Super Bubba Kush
    God's Gift
    Purple Frankenstein

    Weather our clubs have it or not, it's always nice to know some new strain names too.
    I will post pics on the second! :D and label each type.

    Our list needs to grow, please help :hello:

    Post away:smoking:
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    Bubba kush is my all time favorite

    I heart GDP though
  3. get some green crack
  4. yeah i got some of this recently and it was BOMB
  5. I just looked at some GreenCrack,
    Stuff looks amazing haha.
  6. Sour diesel, jack herrer, and kind of haze,
  7. White Rhino is a beaaastt
  8. Green crack and matanuska thunderfuck
  9. try and get some euphoria unlimited lol :)
  10. my favorite buds are sour diesel, headband, super lemon haze and granddaddy purp
  11. my favs of all-time are :granddaddy purps,Hawaiian Kona Gold,Super Bubba Kush & God's Gift
  12. definitely ask for alaskan thunderfuck, and get some skunk #1... and some northern lights lol
  13. get some Purple Frankenstein, got that shit recently and holy fuckkk
  14. yeah my last boss can attest to the power of Alaskan Thunderfuck. Gooood shit right there, son.

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