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$300 dollar eighth and facts about korea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 4Frnt, May 17, 2006.

  1. haha thers a group of korean exchange students at my boarding school who got introduced to weed as freshman by everyone here and now theyre smoking at least a couple bowls a day and love it. So according to every single one ive talked to an eigth of sometihng like mids goes for around $300. Imagine thats so crazy, for a fucking plant u can grow easily in 8 weeks, especially in a climate like that. And i guess hardly anyone smokes weed there and the education about it is even worse, not much better than heroin or coke.

    So im hooking a couple of the kids up with growing info and seeds haha theyre gona be fucking Scarface if theyr harvests work out. I think laws are much stricter there like u get jailed for years right away or excuted! damn the cool thing is that police dont know what weed smells like at all since no one smokes it so blazing in public wouldnt be that sketchy then .

    They call being or getting high "afriqqica"

    i see them going into the bathroom or heading into the woods and im like yo where u guys going , and they say "a frica" and im like ooh word lemme get in on that !
  2. Hah, thats cool, but I don't think them growing , or even trying to bring any of that stuff home would be a good idea for them.
  3. theyve been brining weed back during summer break for a while now... never got caught but i told them thats probably a really bad idea, just bring seeds back instead
  4. thats expensive as fuck i would never pay that shit
  5. I really doubt that an 8th of mids would go for $300. As I hear from people I know from Asia there isnt much weed aviable to buy. They say the only thing they can get was hash. The hash was cheap no where near $300. Like $10 a gram.
  6. yea here in sweden the u can only get hash, its about 800 kronors ( bout 80 bucks) for 10 grams, but if u wanna get the good shit its round 1000 kronors (100 bucks) for 10 grams. so it aint to much different then the states, i used to live there and i think the prices are pretty much the same here in europe at least. and i have a friend from the phillipines wich is in asia and he says that weed prices are about the same there to.
  7. That's crazy, I know that the Phillipines have some of the strictest drug laws in the world (just a few grams is a life sentance).
  8. 8 weeks, i could never pull that off, i had my first out-door harvest last summer and it was easily like 3 months.
  9. its prob 300 korean dollars or w/e they use.
  10. no they said $200 - $300 in ameraican dollars
  11. Thats the most nuttiest thing ive heard in a while. around here in Vancouver its like $25 for a reeeeaaaaallly sweeet eighth :D

  12. 25$ for any average person?

  13. Lmao...."africa"
  14. yea my bro said the same thing, he is in malta studying (malta is near italy, in he mediterrian sea) and he said all he can get is hash. For some reason he doesn't like it and hre is counting down the days until he can smoke some bud. But why does it seem in europe and that general area people have trouble getting Bud?

    i m about to move there and open up shop man, someone can prolly make mad loot with some nice ass nugs...
  15. Wow man those prices would make me quit, yes I said it quit, if I ever buy an eigth of bud for 300 bucks shoot me, please. That is just crazy. :smoke: JOE>
  16. omg thats fucking crazyness
  17. im movin to china so i can be chillin in a yacht wit my weed plants with 15 chinese bitches doing whatever i want for weed lol
  18. aha my ex friend is korean he got busted with a dime an his mom grounded him for a year no computer no phone no friends over no going to friends house so yeah i def think the laws are stricter there judging on this kids punishment
  19. Yeah.

    I get 8th's of high mids/dank (Hashplant, Juicy Fruit etc.) for $25.

    Really dank 8th's (Kush/GOD) will run most people like $30.
  20. Probably soapbar, oh the dreaded soapbar. You can't have pure hash and not like it thats impossible... well with a few obvious exceptions to people such as Bill Clinton apparently:p

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