30 Wine bottles, what to do..

Discussion in 'General' started by Led Zepp, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I have 30 wine bottles; assorted sizes. Any ideas on what I should do with them?
    I had a few ideas: a 30 chamber bong, molotov cocktails, flotation device, return to liquor store for moneyz.
    IDK! Ideas plz.. :smoke:
  2. Recycle.

  3. This


    Molotov's. :D
  4. Recycle the molotov's. Best of both worlds.
  5. fill them with urine and gift them to bitches & assholes.
  6. I dont think I can piss that much :( would take me a few weeks.. But I like the general idea.
  7. Take a hammer and make a big pile of broken glass! YAY
  8. blow glass
  9. Have you thought of growing a plant in one? I just did! What a cool challenge it would be. It probably wouldn't be cost effective(with having to get air and water to the roots)(I'm thinking tubes and/or holes drilled?), but I would shout from the highest mountain if I could do it and pull 1/4oz!:hello:
  10. Im guessing they're empty...that sucks
  11. Fill with grape juice.
    Recork them.
  12. Break them and scatter the jagged shards on a playground! Not really, that'd be really
    fucked up. I'd probably shoot them with a pellet gun or recycle them. Molotov cocktails
    might be fun if you're not in a place to be arrested for that.
  13. You need more then just grape juice in there. I tried it in 7th grade except they were juice boxes and there was 70 of them and they were in my locker:D
  14. I would drop them all somewhere at the same time to hear them bust. I love the sound of glass breaking..
  15. 30 nights of bar fights?
  16. Just get high and smash them all individually.
  17. hahaha crazy nights

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