30 reasons (root bound) is a myth

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greenthumbs21, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. I have nothing to say....ask away or flame away hahahaha

    2 g pots filled half way.

    Let the tomfoolery begin!!!!

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  2. not a myth..
    your plants will be much healthier if grown in a proper size pot.
  3. So true. Roots do get root bound!
    More roots=More fruits

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    any bud shots or just dead leaves?
  5. Lmfao. You can grow a plant in a solo cup if you want five grams. Or you can grow it in a 20gallon for a pound. One takes about two months more veg time.
    If you can't reason which is more beneficial, then....you're dumb.
    I grow in 5 gallons, but am going to try 7-10gallon next time. It's true that more roots=more fruits as they can absorb and supply more food.
  6. Sure bud

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  7. Number one reason you are all wrong. ...humans over feed and salts and ph stack....this way ensures far less human error.
  8. Natty ice :p. I assume your "30 reasons" title is a reference to you having 30 ladies in that room? Sog style?
    Root bound isn't a myth, you just don't veg long enough for it to become a serious problem. How many plants do you have in there? 30 I'm assuming?
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    This is cute. Not all of us dump salty synthetic shit in our soil. That's great if you're happy with those little plants, but it doesn't change the fact that more root space means a bigger, healthier plant.
    that could have been done with 2 plants in the proper pot size.
  12. Good productive response. ...what do you use? How long is your veg? And flower?

    Because my plants get ph'ed tap water till day 1 of flower.....care to share?
    Good call.....how long to veg?
  13. The system needs hydraulic conductivity not mass....you can change the proportions of root and flower mass. (Hydro)

    Many people work backwards with a too big a pot.....which is actually stressing the shit out of the plant....when it has to find new crap in new dirt all the time...rather than getting fresh water and oxygen constantly. ......you choose.....new crap salts or new fresh oxygenated water....

    *****Im trying to help the new folks that start nutes and repot wayyyyyy to early********
    I mix a living soil from a few easy to find amendments, veg for however long I feel like, and let them explode in a greenhouse with all the soil available to them that they could ever want. Mine get plain water through flower and I don't even have to provide it myself 95% of the time. 
  15. Thats awesome and i could clone that pic for miles and miles.....were talking fake light bud......this is an indoor forum
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    Oh and your plane of harvest is awful
  17. Got 99 problems and watering day is 1.  I'm a fan of smaller container growth, but damn why would you want to water 30 pots?  I can imagine the classic 'lift check' to see if they need watering is just not possible in your case.
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    Quit lifting a long time ago....i just look at the tops.

    The only reason i have to veg and flower at that height >30inches is to get my hand and water bottle in there haha
  19. You should look into an extra long funnel, or a pump sprayer to reach those back plants then.  
  20. Do organic guys think they do not develop salts?

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