30% OFF!! Holy Moly Somebody Help Me Think!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by screwstonzbo, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. As yous guys can see GCs got 30% off every order!:hello: I've been contemplating buying a new bong for a few months now, last one I bought was my Chong Bong nearly 10 years ago, broke it around 5 years ago. I've been a rillo man but lately am trying to quit that, and I think this sale is a sign to buy something new.:p

    I've spent hundreds on glass back in the day, but I see that the bar has been raised with all these percs and fancy gizmos and I'm out of the loop. Trying to look through the bongs almost gave me a headache, had to smoke a bowl(small glass pipe).:smoke:
    So this is hopefully where some of you fine young people could step in and throw me some good ideas. Mind you I'm still a bit cheapish when it comes to smoking apparatus so maybe something in the $60-120 range before the discount. Also would be cool if it had a little perc thingy or some kind of doo-dad.:eek:

    Hope yall don't feel I'm being an old lazy douche for asking this favor, I did try shopping myself but it's very overwhelming. This thread could also be useful to others who aren't on the same level as some of you grand master glass connoisseurs out there. Thanks in advance yall.:wave:

    tl;dr Please help an old fart pic out a decent bong, $60-120 before discount.:rolleyes:

    PS. Forgive my overuse of emoticons.:cool:
  2. Off the top of my I would suggest the glasscity 7mm bubblelicious bong or the black leaf smoke shower micro.
  3. I just grabbed something myself. Really good deals......
  4. Only thing I would grab on the GC shop are those Termini tubes...
  5. You load it with the right amount of water, and rip it ;)
  6. Yeah those Dizzle Swiss Percs are insane, a buddy of mine just picked up a mini and it hits like a champ!

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