30 mins to put my bike away

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by naughtyneighbor, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. So it was like 11:30 and I biked back from my friends house. I was walking toward the back yard to put my bike away in my shed, and I was just thinking random stoner thoughts (I was blitzed as hell out of this guy's tight ass like 1 ft acrylic bong with the biggest bowl ever). I eventually put my bike away and walk in the door and my mom confronts me and is like "Is your friend here? Who were you talking to right now outside? And why did it take you 30 mins to put your bike away?"

    At first I was like..."uh, mom? Nobody's here, it's just me." then she's like "I SWEAR you were talking to someone just now while you were in the backyard"

    And then it hit me...instead of thinking to myself I was speaking all my thoughts outloud having a conversation with myself!


    So I'm like "oh yeah, I was on the phone with my friend, if that's what you mean"

    And she's like "yeah, that's it. goodnight"

    Haha, close call?
  2. LMAO:laughing:

    That reminds me of fear and loathing, when the guys trippin an hes like "oh shit, did I just say that outloud? Can,..can he hear me?" lol
  3. LOL! Close call indeed.
  4. Lol man, my boy does that shit. He's baked out and all of a sudden he's speaking his thoughts without noticing, and we all are just staring at him like what the fuck.
  5. hahahhahaha u stoner
  6. rofl i did that once.
    "i hope they dont think im high."
    "what was that?"
    "nothing, nothing!"
  7. LOL man. 30 minutes!? WTF

    I love you too.
  8. I love being able to talk my way out of things, even with the cops lol, it gives me such a rush im like thats right bitch.
  9. Say you were on your cellular device? LOL

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