30 Man Royal Battle 2014

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  1. Clearly cm punk is gonna win
  2. People still watch that shit? It's a soap opera for rednecks
  3. [quote name="kuntaketay" post="19409107" timestamp="1390742196"]says the faggot[/quote]So it is true only 15 year old watch it
  4. Thats not true. The children and mentally challenged often enjoy it as well.

    Shut up. If you don't like it, go away and stop acting like 'children'. And the fact that you compare fans of something to 'mentally challenged' people just shows how fucking childish Joker is. Act like adults. It's posts like this that make GrassCity a bad place and make others intimidated to even post. Pathetic.
    Regardless, I think Orton's gonna beat Cena in terms of the match for the WWE Title, it's rumored for Orton Vs. Batista at Mania, and I can see that happening due to they're long history (evolution/fueds etc). Don't know who's gonna win the rumble. Probably Punk because he hasn't been in the main event for a long time, but there are rumors he's facing Triple H at Mania which takes winning the Rumble off the card. Maybe Daniel Bryan because they seem to have shortened the fued with Wyatt quite abruptly.

    Oh, and... It's Royal RUMBLE, not Royal Battle. Fucking spammer with one post lmao.
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    First we need to stop with the homophobic anti gay slirs as well. You and the other poster calling someone a faggot show your childishness as well with crap like that.

    Second, you dont want opinions, dont post in a discussion forum. If your expecting everyone to agree with you in life maybe talking to yourself would be best. Otherwise you might want to learn to take a joke.

    Third, do not put words in to my mouth. I never compared wwe fans to the mentally challenged. I said that mentally challenged people like it as well. Ive personally known several people that were mentally challenged adults and for some reason most of the guys were really in to pro wrestling. Never did i say that all fans had mental issues. Perhaps a good reading comprehension coarse would be beneficial.
  7. dolph ziggler will win
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    First, I forgot I control the poster who called you a 'faggot'. WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH ME? Ducking and dodging.

    It isn't an opinion that 15 year olds watch it and everyone who watches it is 'mentally challenged'. An opinion would be, 'I think it's boring', not 'They're mentally retarded'. You used a literal statement. Infact, use WWE to learn the difference between figurative and literal. You didn't make an opinion, you made a STATEMENT. This is the point where I should be cocky like you and tell you to go to an English class, but I'm an adult, sooooo.... Do you know how many people could be offended by something like that though? The mentally challenged shit, there was NO point in bringing that up whatsoever.

    LMFAO... Ducking and dodging again. DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH, I never called you 'faggot' like you claimed basically. And the way you said it didn't suggest mentally challenged people watch it AS WELL. Stop talking shit because you know you're wrong, really fucking stupid. Hypocrite.

  9. Poor child, you really cant read at all can you? Thanks for proving my point though. Lmao
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    Hahaha, says the one who can't think of a response yet I made a point on literally EVERYTHING you said. Okay, kid. Now I see why you have 4000 posts, you talk a lot of shit :laughing:
    Edit: Thus proving my point. No response.
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    No, i just know a worthless cause when i see one.

    If you cant comprehend a simple sentence
    such as " mentally challenged people and children like it as well" then your not even smart enough to hold a decent arguement. Now tell me oh wise one, where in that sentence do see you the word everyone, or all fans, or anything of that nature?

    I didnt say you called me a faggot, i stated that another poster called someone a faggot. I was referring to your use of the word gay as an insult. Sorry i didnt spell that out for you better, i wasnt fully aware of the severity of your problem at the time.

    Also, most of my 4000 post are in the growing sections, helping people learn to grow. I dont post much outside of there because the majority of post elsewhere are from children such as yourself. Check them out, you might find something better to do than watching the soaps.

    Now i am done, weve derailed the thread too much already. Enjoy your day.
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    I can comprehend simple sentences very easily. There was no point whatsoever in bringing up the fact that some mentally challenged people would like it, it had nothing to do with it whatsoever. The fact that you said that, to me, suggested you thought the majority of fans were mentally challenged, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that's the first thing I thought. It's the first thing my girlfriend thought when she read over my shoulder (she has an aunty with problems and was offended, like I said people would be). I never said YOU DID state that, I said it seemed like it suggested it. 
    Read that all one more time since you clearly haven't been reading a thing I've said right. 

    Now continue. 
    You said 'we need to stop the homophobic gestures' or something. 'WE' being the keyword. 'WE' suggesting it was more than one person. When your having a shower, you don't say 'Ooh, we having a shower' do you? Simple English 101. That suggested there were multiple people using homophobic comments, which is wrong. Gay isn't homophobic, it technically means happy, but it was used by me in the sense that when I first read your comment I thought you were being suggestively childish, so I decided to make fun of said childishness when I used the word 'gay'. I would not use the word gay seriously, unless I meant happy or was referring to someone who is actually gay. So when you said, 'you and the other poster' were using the word faggot, you were WRONG.
    Since you want to be cocky, go read some more books, or watch more of them CM Punk videos.
    Regardless of all of this (since I'm deading this because it's like kicking a dead horse ((a horse who's on a serious high-horse lmao)), I'm going for a joint and gonna watch some wrestling cos I'm 15 years old apparently. Later.
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    exactly. But what guy wouldnt want to get hammered and go watch roided out guys fake beat the crap out of eachother?

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