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30 grams of shake

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by liquidchill, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I have about 30 grams of high quality shake from premium buds, should I make honey oil or bake some brownies? It's all pretty much leaves covered in crytals and some small nugs.

    Which one would the shake provide a better use for?
  2. Cook up some butter and make some brownies... HELL YEAH! .... but some honey oil would be nice... such a dilemma =(
  3. both
  4. How much honey oil would 30 grams make? Like 2 grams using the honey bee extractor?

    Damn this really is a dilemma, i want to put it to the best use.
  5. I'd grind it all up first. Then i'd make some hash, and then, with the remnants, i'd roll however many joints possible.
  6. honey oil man....if you dont next time youre smoking a blunt youll be wishing you would have done it:)
  7. i'd roll a shitload of joints and just smoke them like cigarettes for a day or so.
  8. I'd say honey oil. Did you buy the shake or was it yours from a grow?
  9. grind it up and get the keif. Then make some hash.
  10. honey oil is incredibly hard to make, i remember Bobbert (at least i think it was him) tried to make it and he only ended up with wasted bud, i say go for the brownies
  11. I'm going with those who say to make some hash! That shit would taste wonderful!!! (and I can't stop using the word 'hoot' because of you! I love it. haha)
  12. I would grind it up and get some nice keif out of it first. Then I would probably make some brownies myself mmmm tasty :D
  13. Alright well i'm definitely going to grind it up and collect all the keif.

    How many brownies can 30 grams make, with 1 brownie being sufficient for a regular toker?

    I'm leaning towards the brownies because the honey bee extractor only makes like 1.5 grams of oil for every 21 grams of shake. Hash is also way too hard to make without bubblebags or something.

    I need something fairly simple because i'm not the best with directions :smoking:

    My friend sells and he just gave me all the shake which he had left from a pound for free.

    haha it's sort of catchy, isn't it? Just keep doing what the owls do ;)
  14. I would probably roll up a bunch of fatass blunts...but given the choices I would say brownies, simply because I love brownies and I'm a lazy bastard.
  15. I'm not too keen on rolling joints/blunts because I mainly have leaves and smoking pure leaves makes me gag..
  16. shake vaporizes well in a heatgun/bowl combo

    It's a trip to watch the small fan leaf trichromes melt away

    I'd do all three...maybe roll a few thin flax paper extra wide joints with whatever air bud you can pick out vap the larger frosty leaf and bake with the finer shake without crushing it up alot

    Just toss it in the butter then butter to mix with the herb

    I tossed 2 o's of schwaggy shit to a friend to bake with and he didn't really get the concept of butter bud remove bud cook with thc rich butter so he ground it all up tossed it in the brownie mix

    no one got sick or tasted crappy schwagg in the brownies and they all rated the stone as fucking awesome between 5-9 hours on average between the 5 heads and a few late comers who got pan crumbs and hunks of brownie that refused to come out
  17. ya but otherwise i would just roll like 7 huge 4g blunts..that would b cool
  18. Go with the brownies, there lots of fun, ive got 2 batchs in my freezer its nice to pull one out every now and again.. like today after work :smoke:
  19. 30g free. that's pretty tasty.
    i'd end up smoking it all.
  20. not sure how to make it but my buddy brought back some liquid hash oil from amsterdam and wow that shit was amazing. if you know how to make honey oil i would try that because that shit will be potent :smoking:

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