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$30 for 4 Grams of mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DeagleClips, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Got a good deal from my hookup. What do you guys think?

  2. looks like good mids
  3. looks good, but did he weigh it with all those stems? you must have got a lot for 30. id say its worth 25ish.
  4. #4 DeagleClips, Sep 20, 2009
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    Yeah, Smokes pretty good, Its the best mids ive had in quite awhile.

    That picture is just from the large amount he had, Not what I picked up, He didnt give me any stems, And it is also feminized. so there are no seeds.
  5. looks like what could be reffered to as "DRO"
  6. what most people call dro are beasters and those arent beasters they are high mids. for 30 bucks i would get more then 4 grams tho but thats just around here for 30 i would get 6 grams. but yeah beasters arent as stemmy as that and are more dense
  7. looks like teh beasts to me.
  8. ha!, i wish i got that deal,thats amaazing,for 30$ i get fucking 3.5 of high mids
  9. i go through the high up dude around here i grew up with him, he hooks me the fuck up with quarters for 15-25 depending on if rents due lol. sometimes its 25, but i dont bitch, the quarters are legit as fuck nice high mids with hardly any seeds or stems.

    I like smoking kush tho, i dont really fuck with mids. if i wanna get high.. i wanna get tore the fuck up.
  10. i think u should throw the 4 grams in a jar and smoke it in a week.
  11. I actually weighed out what I got today and it ended up being 4.5 g.
  12. Those are pretty nice if their mids look like low grade heads almost or could be a beasterish look can't really tell if i can't see em in person so thats just my two cents but for that kind of a deal I wouldn't be complaining either! =)

  13. No way :eek:

    Around here it's like.. 80 for 4 grams, and like 100 for 6...that's nuts! :mad:
  14. Fuck all the technical terminology Bullshit, Looks like some Good Ass Weed.:cool:
  15. looks like some high mids/ shitty beasters. i'd pay 40 for that and then cut off all the leaves and stems and dry it out a little and smoke it.
  16. Word, couldnt have said it better. Smoke on brah

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