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30$ for 1/8th Good deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Armored, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Well, I'm getting my first batch of weed, and my dealer says its good shit
    He says it is sticky, and has red hairs, but isn't familiar with the different weed grade names, is 30$ for 1/8th of weed a good grab or not, and if it isn't a good deal, what should i counter offer with?
  2. That is a pretty good price for ok weed for an 1/8. And if the stuff is as good as you said it looks like it sounds like you got a good deal. Even if its not all its hyped up to be its still a good deal, An 1/8 around here runs most people from 40 to 50 if its good, around 30 and 1/8 if its mids
  3. and will 1/8th be good for 2 people with 0 tolerance?

    with a bit left over for back up weed
  4. Yes you will defiantly have some left over as well
  5. yea 1/8 is 3.5 grams. If you roll a 1 gram joint or blunt the two of you should be pretty good if you have a low tolorance. Even if you smoked like 1.5 or 2 grams whenever you do, you will still have like 1.5 to 2 grams left for another time
  6. We're using bongs and pipes, not joints.
  7. with no tolerance. a 1.5 gram blunt should have you guys zooted for a couple of hours. imo
  8. Haha if your using a quality bong then yea you will deff has some left over. Even if you only use pipes you will have some left over
  9. yeah dude as long as it is somewhat decent weed, and it sounds like it is, then 30$ for 1/8th is totally reasonable. using a bong/pipe, it should get 2 people plenty high with plenty of leftovers. my gf and i together go through about 1/8th per month, and that's smoking every night while we watch some TV before bed. we have a low tolerance, and we don't get ridiculously blazed necessarily, but it carries us for a while. :smoke:
  10. Just pack like half a bowl and see how you feel afterwards. It's really the only way to gauge your tolerance or the quality of the weed.
  11. Damn I wish I could go through 1/8 per month smoking everyday. I been doing 1 gram a day latley and its about time for a t-break,
  12. #12 Armored, Feb 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009
    I'm a (weed) virgin, so 0 tolerance.

    Just found he is growing it himself, which is why its such a good deal. Man, I'm getting deals from my acquaintance who I already knew, who grows good shit, for a good price. Not bad for my first time, if i say so myself.
  13. you might want to make a gravity bong then to make sure you get high. search for it on youtube. it is easy to make and you will most likely have all the shit you need at home
  14. Beasters for $30 an eighth.
  15. perfect, because i just finished a 2l bottler.

  16. If your using a bong then i wouldnt bother makeing a gravity bong,
  17. they are shitty bongs, and i want to try as much ways as possible anyway.
  18. O ok then if its a mini bong why not try a gravity bong, ghetto/homemade stuff is fun, Gravity bongs are fun i used mine for the first time this morning.

    TIP!!!! i learned the hard way this morning, When you dip the 2 leiter bottle into the water DO NOT have the cap/bowl on there. Screw it on after you dip it in the water b/c what happened to me is, I dipped the bottle in the water when the cap was on and the water basically blew all the weed into the air and into the water. (I was usuing very fine weed but still just to be safe)
  19. If the bud is good, then $30 an 8th is a good deal, yes.

    and you should have plenty left over.
  20. i smoke breakfast lunch and dinner ounce u start u cant stop or want to good luck

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