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$30 dolla grams

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. iightz, wha kind of weed can be 30 a g. im cracked out for hours, need tah kno
  2. it's always 20-30 a gram here, but it's sweet stuff (alaska)
  3. mah gawd thats nearly 50 bucks canadian!!!
    in tdot its 15$ CND / gram, WAY cheaper if u buy ounces, half oz

    but im sure bud from alaska must be insaNe
  4. here dank is usually $25 a gram... i've heard of a few people selling some (i have no idea what) as high as $65 a gram though. chocolate thai would go for like $40 a gram here... blueberry for maybe around 30ish.
  5. Those prices are shitty.
  6. dat was sum killer sh't, i don't remember today at all, don't even remember posting this topic.
  7. 20 a g for the best shit around here. Sounds like ya had fun!
  8. i've felt like i was living in another world once... but i was shroomin my balls off so it was kinda like i WAS living in another world :D LOL
  9. $30 for a gram???

    Bearing in mind an 1/8 is 3.5 grams and the going price in england for an 1/8 of dank bud is £25... that price doesn't sound too good.

    What are the standard prices in the US?

  10. the prices in the US vary greatly depending on where you live, and who you know. average prices of dank around here (the burbs outside philly) are as follows:

    $20 a gram
    $45-$60 an eigth (usually around $50 though)
    $90-$100 a quarter
    $170-$200 a half
    $300 and up for an ounce
  11. 60 for 14 grams..

    so that comes out to about 4.30 a gram

    i can smoke a half a joint and be gone for about 2 and and a half hours...i can take a bong load and be gone four about 2 hours but alot its allright stuff
  12. Ican get an eighth of dank for $60 US. It's $50 a quarter for mids.
  13. No weed is worth more than $20 a gram. Besides, who buys one gram of weed? It's not like cocaine. Here it's $20 a gram/$60 and 1/8th/and like $375 and ounce. Bear in mind that's for like like blueberry or shishka berry, stuff like that. Some stuff is cheaper.

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