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$30 an eighth or $120 an oz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GR1BB5, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. A guy Ive known most of my life who deals in a little bit of everything always has the best of what he is selling at the time, so about a week ago he put the word out he had weed.:D
    I got an eighth of the best I've ever smoked for $30! So then he mentions he can get me an oz of the same stuff for $120 anytime... thats like 1/2 off!!!:hello: So good news I'm getting an oz tomorrow, and it should be some great stuff!:cool: pretty stoked thought I'd let u guys know
  2. Congratulations on the prices! 120 for an oz is niceeeee, especially if it's chronic .
  3. well my oz turned into an eighth and price went to $35...:( its decent but had a shit load of seeds, not fully developed seeds, but like those lil half mushed green ones. around 100 of em... i spent the last 35min taking em all out...:mad:

    But on the bright side I'm getting an oz for $85 within the next 3 days of some supposedly great shit, cuz the person felt so bad about not having an oz when he said he did.:hello:
  4. be ready for eight times the amount of seeds to sift through. you rmost likely gonna get the same my opinion
  5. Ya seriously your either gettin a good fuckin deal or its gonna be the same shit or worse.
  6. the guy i usually buy from went with me since it was his friend, and the friend said thats all he had lastnight, and later we went to his house where he has like 6 half gallon jars 1 for each kind, but he was out of everything...

    he seemed to be honestly sorry and said I would get better stuff soon, so idk it could go either way.

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