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    Hey hopefully everyone is eating lots and lots of turkey today =] so here is the question Grass City I am currently in the process of running 2 1000 watt light with Eco plus water pump , Vortex 6 fan, and EcoAir 8 . I wanted to know how or what would i need if i get myself a 30 amp box timer (if that is enough or a 50 amp timer box) what would i need besides the timer box? Is there an alternative? Maybe cheaper? All i want is for my house not to catch on fire lol

  2. Maybe, give me a list of materials if there is a cheaper alternative thanks everyone
  3. ttt input needed come on grass city drop some feedback
  4. THANKS! Would this work and do the same job as the 30 amp timer box?
  5. yeah pretty much. 240 runs half the amps as 120 so 2 1kw lights at 120v is just under 20amps. so running them safely on a 240v line will draw around 9amps i believe. search a few hydro sites cause they all sell them. they can get expensive though and they make there money off the guys who dont know electricity.

    Ive installed electric heat throughout a house that was all 240 (an 8ft baseboard is 3000w and we had like 10 in the house)
  6. Remember most house circuits are 15 or 20 amps at less you tap into the dryer or sometimes the oven circuit. In other words you will never pull 30 amps from a wall socket that is 120volts so a 30 amp Timer Box is over kill for that circuit. Two smaller 15 amp Timers boxes on separate circuits is your cheapest most practical solution.

    Or you could wire in a 30amp circuit yourself and use the 30amp timer box.

  7. How would I wire a 30 amp myself? Sorry for the questions i just believe it's always better to ask then do something stupid and catch a fire lol
  8. you wouldnt. you would need a 30 amp line run from your breaker box which you would need to get a 30 amp breaker. have the line run from the breaker in the box to the appropriate 240v outlet. now you can run 30 amps at 240v. that would safely run 5 1kw lights

    once you mess with the breaker box your asking for trouble if you dont know what to do. hire someone to do it. better be safe than sorry
  9. you take the 99 dollar one and plug it into your 240 outlet your dryer uses. then you can plug your grow lights into the box and it will all be safe.

    just do laundry when the lights are out but dont forget when its not plugged in the timer wont work so always make sure you have your timer set right.

    it has a timer built in so set the timer and voila!!!
  10. Home Depot carries Intermatic brand timers that are 30 amps or higher, and can be hooked up to 120 or 240. You need to wire them though. Or make an adapter to go from a dryer socket to these timers. They're around $50 or less.
  11. I tried to get an order from DXhydro and it was gonna be about $300 for everything I needed. Then it somehow ended up being over $600 with shipping and cables.

    Nice guy though.
  12. damn. well you will only spend that once. better safe than sorry. My buddy is a firefighter in oregon and he has been to 2 house fires at grow houses.
  13. These sond great I have a problem when I plug in my 600 watt HPS it blows out the power to my house If I get the $99.00 box will this stop it could I hook up 2 600 watters and I dont have a dryer plug could I plug this in to my normal outlet. Any help on this matter it will help me greatly.

  14. The Intermatics are 40 amps and all I use for my HID's.

    Very reliable, have one that has been in continuous service for over 30 years, running a yard light. The AK-47's of timers. LOL


  15. if you are blowing a fuse with a 600w light than you have at least 1200w of other things running on the same circuit.

    if you buy the $99 box it needs to be plugged into a 240v line. most houses only have 1 of these lines and it is run to the dryer.

    try running your 600w light on a different circuit. or unplug everything that doesnt need to be on.
  16. Thanks I have 4 1000 watters runnig and a2 4ft T5's going just wanted to do a few SCROG grows may have to just do a 250 watt SCROG. I would still like to buy 1 of these for saftey I dont have a dryer plug could I have 1 made with 120v plug?

  17. you personally cannot do it. if you knew how to then it would have been done already. electricity is not something to experiment with.

    a 30 amp breaker is needed in the breaker box. then a 240v line needs to be run to the appropriate outlet. than the box can be plugged into that outlet only.

    now your ballasts need to be 240v compatable (which most are) and the 240 cord is needed from the ballast to the box

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