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$30 1/4 of Mid!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 21, 2010.

  1. I feel like i got the hookup, the last time i bought a quarter from a different guy, he gave me it already ground up so that was sketchy, but this guy i bought from this time he's in my class so i feel i could trust him, and i'm glad i did.

    you may notice that drawing i used ;)


    this is definitely my new best friend haha!
  2. That shit's brown, yo.
  3. that's like normal reggie prices. 30-40 for a quarter. hopefully it tastes and smokes better than it looks.
  4. its my camera and the lighting, i dont really know how to work it, but it's greener in person!
  5. We pay 80 dollars an ounce for that down in my hood.
  6. does it have any orange hairs here and there?
  7. sketch quarter
  8. Nay, the picture has extremely saturated coloration. Either due to camera settings or type of lights or both.
  9. Well, any kind of marijuana does... So, yes.
  10. any kind of marijuana has orange hairs?
  11. you guys don't worry about the color, it's green and has a little bit of orange here and there. anyways, got my fried to roll most of it up, saved about a gram for my pipe use
  12. I get that but maybe better for 25 a quad.

    And your telling me you rolled 9 blunts with 7 grams?
  13. Yeah. they're called pistols(what grows on female plants).

  14. offense, but you shouldn't drop knowledge when you don't have facts to back it up..

    I realize it was an exercise in semantics, but when I asked you if you were saying that all strains of pot have "orange hairs" I was being sarcastic....not all strains produce orange/red pistils upon maturing.
  15. I figured you were just an uneducated little kid talking about "hairy budz". I know pistols aren't always orange/red. But, all weed has pistols.

  16. pistils, dude. pistils

  17. yes pretty much
  18. I think he's actually saying that he rolled that many blunts with 6 grams :p
  19. hell yeah
  20. Well he said he didn't roll them his buddy did.....

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