30.000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, May 19, 2006.

  1. Congratulations to all, a new milestone has been reached in our city history!

    30.000 members and growing!!!!!

    Enjoy the day!

    Peace and thanks for all support

  2. woot! go us! :hello:

    ill smoke a bowl to that :smoke:

  3. Just got done sparking a nice mostly crystal bowl for GC. I love this site.
  4. damn, wasnt there just a 20,000 member post or something?
  5. Awesome!!!! I noticed we were getting close a day or 2 ago....glad to see we've made it!!

    :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks:
    :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks:
    :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks:
  6. Wow, thats great for gc!
    But how long does it take for an inactive account to get deleted? Because im sure in that 30,000 theres a whole buncha accounts from noobs who just spammed/asked a question and never came back.
  7. Thats great, but how many do you think are actully active members/posters on teh fourms? I say like 5,000 at most.
  8. Hell yea!

    :gc_rocks: Im gonna have party a little harder tonight for the city:smoke:
  9. Hell's yea man that is cool aas shit. Might I say to you SJ Thank you sir, this is a wonderful place and I love the tyme I spend on the city shooting the shit with all my blades, you my friend r a good man. JOE>:gc_rocks:
  10. thats real cool SJ. even thought a TON of those aren't active users :)
  11. AMAZING!!!

    too bad ionly recongnize about 100 people lol., thats like .3% haha.
  12. yeah but you got to remember these forums were up 4 years before you even joined
  13. Good job city! I am happy to be part of this unique event ^-^

    We should send a free piece to user 42000 :p

    I can pretty much recognize people by name or avatar. If youre using the stock GC avatars, I cant always recognize you.. If it's unique to your name, im like 'Hey, thats nushaganzad!' or whatever name it might be.

  14. Lol, nushaganzad or w/e is seriously the name i've had the hardest time remembering and pronouncing correctly. Its a cool name tho.
  15. dats a biiiiig family. group hug!
  17. bong rips for all

    :smoke: :smoke: :hello:

  18. Resin rips (tis all i got) and loud house sets FTW!
  19. Haha thanks guys, but think of it as Nu(new) Shaga (sh-a-ga) Nazad(na-za-d)
  20. i was way off. what does that mean.

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