3 years wasted on my ex.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Easylivinggoodgrowing, Mar 16, 2016.

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  2. Don't be the Doormat
  3. Trust me brother I'm not, that shit isn't worth it anymore. Just sucks wasting so much time with someone, for it to all mean nothing in the end.
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  4. Its hard, but so is life
    You are a young dude, a shit load of women will come and go in your lifetime
    Choose wisely young grasshopper
    There are to many girls out there running around humping everyone
    Be careful of STDs
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  5. Also look at this as a learning experience and remember the good times
    Just like when you go on a vacation, something to think back on when you are old and gray.
    More Fish in the Ocean
    This is so true my friend, someone else will come along just use your knowledge and judgement when she does.
    Good Luck
  6. Also Don't get all pissy and go after the other guy
    it is not worth it, sounds like he is playing ya , as is she.
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  7. You're too young for that BS man. You have your whole life ahead of you, move on, go forward, don't look back.

    I know in your present mind state that sounds either impossible or crazy. But believe me, there are so many people out there. There is absolutely a better person out there for you if you care to get in the game and live life.

    Believe me, if you had married the girl you dated all though HS, you'd be regretting it by 30, and likely wondering what you may have missed out on.

    So seriously, take some time to get your head on straight. be by yourself for a while, just chill out and get some perspective. Then you can start hanging out and meeting other people. Don't get too serious with anything, don;t try too hard to replace what you think you had. Just have fun and enjoy life. And before you know it, people will recognize that you're a happy fun person, and they'll want to be around you and with you.

    One last thing, avoid that girl like the plague. No booty calls. No drama. No reminiscing or trying to go back to the way things were. That's over, she fucked you over, cut her off. You want to explore a friendship with her? That's way down the road in the future. In the here and now, that's all bad for you.

    Good luck!
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  8. That's all definitely true man. I'm not worried about finding another girl that's not a struggle, I already had a girl contact me yesterday wanting to hang out when she found out I broke up with the Ex. It's just a total mind fuck for me because she liked me wayyyy before I even gave her the time of day, starting my freshman year, she's always been by my side for the last years, and something happened in her mind I guess, and for the past months we've been drifting and now this. I don't know if it's my fault or what, like what did I do wrong you know? I treated her like a princess right out of the fucking story book.

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  9. Remember these words
    This Too Shall Pass ......................... Use it throughout your Life.............
    You will be fine
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  10. You live and learn Brodie.. Right now u feel pissed and angered but yo karma is a bitch man.. She'll get hers, don't even waste ur time with her.. They always come crawling back like they say "you don't no what u have until it's gone" keep ur head up grass city got ur back

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  11. Oh highschool relationships. Honestly fuck it man. You will find someone better. start growing weed and you will find a new love.

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  12. Also just go grab a bucket of Popeyes chicken and a 40oz. That always cheers me up.

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  13. Here ya go, found the issue.

    Sorry to hear man, I went through similar shit around the same age.
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  14. see now that's where you fucked up

    never treat a hoe like a princess

    edit: @Digital Veil said it too haha! great minds think alike I suppose.
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  15. Thank you to everyone, I really do appreciate it. I never would've thought a group of strangers would be able to help me through a rough time, but I'll be damned if yall didn't. Grass city is the fucking bomb!!
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  16. hell yeah brother, we've pretty much all been there before. I coulda sworn I was meant to be with my last girlfriend, but now that we've been apart for a while, it becomes clearer and clearer how my own happiness would have been affected in attempting to make her happy. That type of clarity and insight is sure to come to you too man. Keep your head up, and of course use the #1 relationship trouble healer... God's gift, the herb

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  17. Good Luck
    You sound like a smart young man and I am sure you will make the right decision .
  18. Sad how I see so many young guys committed in serious relationships at an early age when they should be focused on their career.
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  19. Don't worry man, you are like 19-21 I assume. There's plenty of women out there. Focus on yourself.

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  20. If someone woulda said that shit about my gf I don't care if I woulda got expelled again I would have beat some ass!

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