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3 Year old weed safe to smoke? has been kept in a dark shed unbagged

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Call me JJay, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. **The story below is fictional and has been copied from the internet**

    Right so basically I grew some weed 3 years ago in a shed with no windows, obviously it was grown using lights.

    I went to look in the shed for the first time in 3 years (don't ask) and saw that the stalks from my plant were laying there on a towel.

    On the stalks there was little buds/leaves attached to the little branches.

    I collected them all up and have taken a picture that I will post.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it safe to smoke?
    2. Could I make a butter or food from it?
    3. Will it be potent anymore?

    Also can it be cleaned? its probably had spiders humping it

    Thank you guys look forward to getting some feedback


  2. looks like some shwaggidy ass weed if it is ok too smoke. Idk though never smoked any bud that looked like that but idk about growing
  3. I probably wouldn't smoke it tbh man. Looks pretty rough. But hey if you do let us know how it fictionally smokes
  4. Haha! its the little leaves you get under the buds, i can see lots of hairs and what looks like thc but im scared to try it.

    Im too young to die but seeing as its fictional I should be ok.
  5. You dont have to use that swim or fictional stuff here man, but tbh I wouldnt smoke it, it may have mold spores in it.
  6. I'd go ahead and smoke that shit and see how it tastes, that'll def let you know.
  7. Yeah dude, take a hit, you'll know by the taste and the harshness of the smoke.
  8. If it has been sitting there for 3 years, it probably isn't gonna pack much of a punch. The only thing I would be worried about would be mold.
  9. I'd probably smoke it. Roll a fat blunt and find out.
  10. fuck no. If that is all it is then its absolutely no question. If it was an ounce id qwiso or something. Mold and bacteria love dark places.
  11. #12 Call me JJay, Apr 11, 2013
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    Haha well I tried a tiny bit in a bong and it didn't taste like weed it tasted more like burnt grass, gave me a tiny tiny buzz but im not going to smoke anymore in case there's mold.

    Could I make it into a canibutter? iv never eaten weed before in anything and once its cooked the mold or bacteria will be no more.

    Is that right?
  12. put it into alcohol, shake for 30 seconds, strain, let alcohol evaporate, smoke.
  13. do you not have a consistent dealer ?
  14. By alcohol do you mean vodka? or can I use wine? or can i use 100% alcohol as i have a bottle of that for cuts and stuff

    And yea I got a dealer and loads of weed but I just wanted to get high from 3 year old weed lol
  15. How about 3 week old weed that is dry as fuck :p safe or not?
  16. Bump for this :)
  17. I wouldn't touch it dude that shit could have mould on it

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